Stillmarillion - worth seeing or not?


Looking at the Robin’s gig guide they have Stillmarillion playing in November, are they worth seeing?


Yes definitely :wink:


a copy is never as great as the original(especially when you talk about Marillion)…never liked the cover bands anyway :confused:



Cheers guys!


I’ve not read of anyone who has seen them and been disappointed.


We need Ulli on this topic. He watches them regularly. - I must admit, I’m always sceptical of covers/tribute bands, but from what I’ve seen on YouTube, I’ve been quite impressed.


They were good when I saw them a year or so ago in Edinburgh. They benefit hugely from the singer* not even trying to impersonate Fish, and playing (as far as I know) only Fish-era Marillion stuff, which makes for a nostalgia-filled evening, if nothing else.

*who joined Steve Rothery on stage last Summer for his run through Side A of MC.


Absolutely fantastic band.

Seen them quite a few times over the last 5 years and always deliver. Hopefully going in Feb to see them in Glasgow


I’m going to see the Australian PF show next week and I wouldn’t have thought a couple of years ago that one day I’d pay to go see a tribute band play (I’ll point out that tribute bands are not as popular in France as they are in the UK, ) but to be honest they have fantastic reviews and looking at their videos and hearing what my friends in the UK and what people say on the Forum they can really put up a superb live performance while being faithful to the original PF material and also display a fantastic light show.
I know I won’t be seeing the original line-up but the way I look at it is that there’s a band out there who’ll be performing some brilliant music and I will more than likely be having a really good time :blush:


I’m not sure that tribute bands are that popular in the UK either. In my experience, they tend to be looked down on. Obviously they’re not the real thing, but that’s not to say that they don’t include excellent musicians and singers in their own right, that have a genuine love and respect for the material. - I often check out tribute bands on YouTube. Seen some great sounding ones over the years. Forget their name, but there is an amazing Steely Dan tribute that musically sound almost identical. That is no mean feat. - As a punter, it’s all about experiencing the music live, and let’s face it, a lot of the classic bands we love just aren’t around anymore.


I’ve never been tempted to watch tribute bands, but the Australian PF have a great reputation and i’m sure you’ll have a fantastic night.

Shine on.


Exactly, that’s my point.
Also, there are many tribute bands in the UK compared to France. So I guess they are more popular there…


what I mean is that I don’t understand the usefulness of it…if they are such good at playing music (and I don’t say they aren’t) why don’t they play their own ?..what’s the point playing others music ?
they don’t make their own creation and live in the shadow of great famous bands…it must be frustrating always playing the same songs again and again for the many years (and Stillmarillion covers only the Fish-era I believe)

Honestly,I have the Steve Rothery live cd “live in rome” and I never listen to the songs with the singer of Stillmarillion because it does not work…but like always,it’s very personal :wink:



It’s about the money Anthony, punters will pay to hear music they love that isn’t accessible cus the bands are no longer performing together or even alive !!


Thanks Paul! All what I can say IMHO, take the chance to visit a gig by StillMarillion. I have seen them four times during the last years. A lot of fun, a lot of sing-along. Martin#s voice fits so good to the F era Mariilion songs. He interpreted the songs in his own way. But if you close your eyes and listen to it. It is like in the old times! All the guys are very friendly and all of them enjoy to play the music by Marillion!

During the last months/years there was a chance to visit gigs by Steve R. or Fish to listen to the old Marillion F ery music. Steve R. has booked Martin as the voice for these songs. Fishs voice isn#t the same as in the old time.

And you in the UK, you have the chance to visit gigs by so many cover bands to listen to music that is rarely or never heard on the original.


Thanks everyone for the feedback, I’ll probably will go and see them :grin:


I might very well go as well, they were brilliant last November there.


If you think the Australian Floyd Show is good Can I refer you to The Floyd effect…I think they are even better…saw them in July…mind-blowingly good