The Birthday Thread


All I want for my birthday is this :smiley:
Could you help out Zaz ? :wink:


I want one too :smiley:



I made this one long time ago…


And these too


Any gherkins in the macs one ? :wink:


My god, they’re all absolutely amazing! Especially love the eastern looking temple/building. That’s a work of art!


Belated Happy Birthday to Kenneth Williams ( wherever you are now ) who would have been 90 years old yesterday. “Oooh Matron!”


Gonna be a long thread if we’re going to do everyone who’s dead.


A very happy birthday to Rab !


Oops Soz Marie, just saw that :smile:


Happy birthday Rab:hope you have a great one :smiley:



Happy birthday Rab!


Thanks everyone for the Fab Birthday wishes really so much appreciated, just been chilling out and relaxing for the past couple of days, now I’m bk like a bad penny :laughing:


Happy birthday Zaz :birthday::gift::tada:
I hope you have a lovely day, and your health gets back to normal very soon . :wink:


Happy birthday Zaz!! :birthday: :grin: Best wishes for a lovely day. - And hopefully you’ll be 100% soon!


Happy birthday to you Zaz!! Hopefully you’ll have a great day. :smiley: :gift:


Happy Birthday Zaz. Best wishes from Dundee.


Happy Birthday Isa have a lovely day
Michelle & Robert


Happy Birthday Isa ! :cake:


Joyeux anniversaire Isabelle :birthday: :sparkles: :birthday:…hope you have a wonderful day and that you’re feeling much better :wink: