The Football Thread


Unfortunately they lost 5-3 but it was a nice experience



Nice one Sir Kenny. About time.


Didn’t you sack him once ?!! :thinking::rofl:


Don’t even get me started on that!
American owners with apparently no concept of the esteem in which he is held by the club, dragging him over to Boston to sack him in person :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
It was the beginning of the end, as far as I’m concerned.
Obviously, his blind support of Suarez was probably a mistake, but I guess he had his reasons…
I don’t think we should hold Paul responsible, though


Charitable services mate. …and beyond the call support for those who were in grief.


He wasn’t a bad footballer either :wink:


Total Respect for him, and total gentlemen and a great footballer especially when he played for Liverpool.
These type of players only come round so often, guys that actually played for the shirt.


Total respect :wink::rofl::rofl:


Just need to watch last weeks documentary " Kenny " for validation of how much of a decent human being the guy is. Dont hold with the whole knighthood thing as a concept, but that`s another issue. Kenny Dalgleish is a class act.:smile:


The challenge will be not shedding a tear at least once.



Agree tbh. Maybe a system overall? It’s possible to give them a national honour/recognition for services or whatever, without the added title. It’s the whole ‘title’ thing that seems outdated to me.


Particularly anything with an ‘E’ for ‘Empire’ on the end of it!
a) what Empire? We don’t have one anymore
b) the fact that we once did isn’t something we should be taking pride in, considering what we did to get it.


Spot on :+1:


Ди Манншафт


Name on the trophy, Who’d dare beat them ? :joy:


The England Football team visited an orphanage in Russia yesterday.

“It’s heartbreaking to see their little faces with no hope” said Vladimir, aged 6.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:



I see Brazil were their usual diving cheating gits. Never like seeing them win, so happy with a draw.


Poor playing by the German team “Die Mannschaft / Ди Манншафт”. In this condition, they won’t be able to reach the round of the last 16. :open_mouth:


Shocking. Dirty cheat!