The Football Thread


Croatia goal :grinning::grinning:


Loving Maradona’s face :joy:, Croatia have deserved this win


Yes !! they did !! I won 70 euros :smile: (bet 5)


Nice to watch 2 teams actually playing football, rather than trying to cheat their way to a win, especially after the embarrassing performance from Brazil earlier.


Lucky bastards


Come on Japan and poland ! (ok, I bet 5 again, Germany and Great britain did their job ok, let’s hope for the upcoming matches ! :joy::rofl: )


well, er… it seems I lost 5 euros…:grin::joy:


Not surprised Marie. Great Britain weren’t even playing! :laughing:


England, sorry :joy:



Posted this on Fb yesterday, so true to life lol… :joy: :joy:


It would be totally appropriate, really, if a team living on past glories cheated its way to the trophy of a competition organised by a corrupt institution and taking place in a corrupt nation.

Given that the Scots, Welsh, Northern Irish and Irish teams didn’t qualify and that Iceland have been knocked out, I’ve kind of lost interest, really. Love an underdog, I do :roll_eyes:


Jesus! I’ve only got it on in the background; this is like watching Brazil -v- Brazil. Suarez is embarrassing! Why can VAR not be used to book him for faking head injuries (at least twice in this half)?


Wow. What a match. France - Uruguay will be interesting!


Who’d thought that Spain would go out?


Russia win fully deserved. Backs to the wall for 120 minutes, but got the result. Spain were obviously the better team but couldn’t do anything in the final third.


I missed the game, just saw the penalty shoots. Was gonna ask how both team played . Well done Russia. Nice for the Russian people.


️"Russisches Sommermärchen" ahead? :soccer:


Allez Les Bleus!


With any luck, Belgium will win this evening, so there are no South Americans in the semis. Play-acting cheats.