The Football Thread


Steven Wilson spoke of the World Cup yesterday and said we could have a England vs France final and that France will make a demonstration of football :smile:

But England was better in music…hope it will stay like that :laughing:
No offense to my English forum friends of course…we let you the music !



He was just keeping you sweet Anthony. :wink:



I can remember the end of the semi final …

Gary Lineker :wink:


There is an England flag on WhatsApp :open_mouth: !


Doesn’t Whatsapp just use your phone’s emojis?


I’m out, I have a Windows Phone mobile :open_mouth: !


No. Whatsapp has its own emojis


Not on my phone. Just regular iPhone ones.


When I use whatsapp, I can either type smileys that are included in my phone keyboard, or I can select the smiley menu from the whatsapp screen. They will end up looking the same as Whatsapp’s choice, which is the same at Apple’s.
So my actual Samsung smileys, when typed on Whatsapp, are translated into Whatsapp smileys anyway. And they’re the same as Apple.

When I had my Iphone, there was no difference between the 2 choices.
If this makes sense!


Seriously, it’s a bit weird…
As here we feel half belgian and french. As my daughter (who studied in belgium) told she’ll follow the match (and probably will shout at every goal, whatever is the team)…
… I just read they closed the border at some points in the area, with barriers and blocks (Wervicq), no french fancy dress allowed in Mouscron/Moeskroen, and so on, for security…

Anyway, I’m glad the match is in the evening, because of many mad people “expressing their joy” during 2 hours after the match last week, and taking many risks with their cars in the streets around the shop. Really frightening (by example one over the car hood, one outside every window, and 2 in the opened car truck… :scream:)


Where were you born Marie? France or Belgium?


France, and my father speaking Vlaemshe


How close to the border do you live?


2 km from the border… Crossing it almost everyday…


Yes, you are definitely Frelgian.


You can’t lose. One of them is bound to make the final, unlike England who still need to beat Croatia.

France v Belgium - now wouldn’t that have been a great final. From a purely football point of view it’s a shame one of these teams has to miss out.


Belgium have been consistently impressive. France have had off moments. But yeah, definitely the 2 best footballing sides.


Jupiler overdose…


Is that Fish in disguise? :sweat_smile: