The Football Thread




Unbelievable !!!



First match for the maybe new German team in Spetember against the World Cup Winner france :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


Congratulations the France for the World Cup 2018. You know, I ha sympathy for Croatia but at the end, they hadn’t enough power :wink: . And we had a match with a lot of goals :slight_smile: !


Incredible picture alltogether with the Patrouille de France flying over the Deschamps- Elysées!!!


Sorry,can’t resist




It’s Marillion Neverland in Port Zélande :grin:

Ok I go out… :wink::grin:


TFL on Instagram …





E from Eels been asked about which song he would pick for England to sooth them. :laughing:


Well… It definitely won’t last (if only because only 6 teams have played 2 games), but I’m enjoying this sight tonight :sunglasses:


On the train for the Cardiff v Newcastle game.

Done some serious drinking last two nights, so could do without an early start, though i’m sure i’ll be ok once the first pint goes down.



Beaten 4:1 and 3:5 in their last 2 games. Starting to look more like the usual story…:roll_eyes: