The Football Thread




Unbelievable !!!



First match for the maybe new German team in Spetember against the World Cup Winner france :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


Congratulations the France for the World Cup 2018. You know, I ha sympathy for Croatia but at the end, they hadn’t enough power :wink: . And we had a match with a lot of goals :slight_smile: !


Incredible picture alltogether with the Patrouille de France flying over the Deschamps- Elysées!!!


Sorry,can’t resist




It’s Marillion Neverland in Port Zélande :grin:

Ok I go out… :wink::grin:


TFL on Instagram …





E from Eels been asked about which song he would pick for England to sooth them. :laughing:


Well… It definitely won’t last (if only because only 6 teams have played 2 games), but I’m enjoying this sight tonight :sunglasses:


On the train for the Cardiff v Newcastle game.

Done some serious drinking last two nights, so could do without an early start, though i’m sure i’ll be ok once the first pint goes down.



Beaten 4:1 and 3:5 in their last 2 games. Starting to look more like the usual story…:roll_eyes:


And so the magical manager merry-go-round turns again


Thiery Henry was touted to replace him last season, so his clock was always ticking.


Just as long as we don’t get another of the usual suspects Pardew, Mccarthy etc Somebody with an idea how to play with modern tactics rather than hoofball and playing midfielders in defence


You can have Oxford’s manager!


Looks like we might get Man United’s soon :joy::wink:


Michael Appleton wouldn’t be a bad shout. He did a fantastic job at Oxford, turned the team around and got us promoted playing great football and got us to two EFL Trophy finals (both lost!). Was a huge loss when he left to be an assistant at Leicester with his buddy Shakespeare, especially when it was inevitable he would lose his job there once Shakespeare was out (which was always gonna happen). I think he is currently out of work. Has a good footballing brain having learnt his trade at Man U.


So I’m Old Trafford bound, I wonder if it’ll end in Jose getting the boot, as is rumoured in the press? :thinking::wink: