The Football Thread


If you don’t beat Newcastle then you do have problems.


Check this penalty out.


Just sorted my flight and hotel for Newcastle v Cardiff in January.

2 nights in Newcastle with my brother (Cardiff season ticket holder for the past 30 years) and my son (Newcastle fan).

All i need now is a ticket for the match.


Jose Mourinho sacked. Saves him the embarrasment of losing to Cardiff this weekend :grin:


Right decision today?


Regardless of who he managed, I’m glad he’s leaving. Miserable moaning arrogant bastard.



Both Mourinho and May doing their best to stay out of Europe next year.


We’ll see in the next couple of days?
As bad as the football has been this season I’m afraid the problems within the club run much deeper than just the manager !


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as interim manager?


Has done well in the Norwegian league but was totally clueless at Cardiff in both the Premier and the Championship (though that may say more about us than him).


Can’t believe Man City slipped up again!


I know, but good though isn`t it?


200 steps later and i’ve landed in my seat :kissing_closed_eyes:


Think of the real ale calories you’ll burn off.


Aeroplane missing - Cardiff City new signing on board.


Crossing fingers but even if they had survived the crash it’s highly unlikely they would in the cold :confused:


Some ‘expert’ said they could have just diverted the plane and landed somewhere else. Without contacting anyone? Doesn’t seem very likely to me.


unfortunately he’s probably dead… 28 Yo…sad



The local team(Vitré which is about 3miles from home) has won in the French cup competition of football against Le Havre (two divisions above)

The next tour will be against Lyon La Duchère which is one division above so they still have all their chances to reach the 1/4 final tour :slight_smile: