The Football Thread


Are you enjoying life in Brittany Anthony?


definitely Zaz…the best decison I have ever taken…no regret at all :blush:





My local team AS Vitré has won tonight vs Lyon La Duchère 3-2 after a beautiful match…the last goal has been scored at the very last minute of the extra time on a penalty (totally deserved :blush: )… and Lyon La Duchère was leading after 20mn by 2 to 0
My son (and I,I must say) was very happy

Now we’re hoping PSG for the next tour (1/4 final) :wink:



Anthony, you can post now. Fucking stupid Forum.


Thanks Paul :wink:

So it will be Nantes !



Just read that David Ibbotson’s family, (Sala’s pilot) have started a fundraising page for the search of his body. This family must be going through hell. Let’s hope they can also recover “their” body and rest it in peace.
What a tragic story.


So Mbappé gave 27.000£ towards the search for the pilot. World class footballer and human being :+1:


Just scored the easiest of easy goals too!


He didn’t have to. Even though 27000£ must be like 27£ for me, it is still very generous of him. Considering he has probably given the same amount for Sala’s search too.
What I like in his gesture above everything is the consideration towards the pilot, after all the mediatic excitement for the football player.


absolutely…this guy is great !



totally agreed with that



btw…well done PSG last evening :wink:



Sorry for Andyboy :laughing::wink:


I was there, PSG we’re a different class second half, I don’t mind admitting that.
Fantastic away support .


SPL Motherwell 2 Hearts 1
6 wins on the trot for my team, didn’t even look remotely likely before xmas as we were staring a relegation fight in the face, back up to 7th in the league and now a top 6 place is definite possibility.

A Sterling tribute to two young lads from the who have sadly lost their lives




Wow! When this was announced I didn’t think for one minute he was a good choice given his past experience with Cardiff. But hey what do I know? Credit where credit is due…


Goodnight from Paris :grin:


Brother95 has gone quiet.


don’t tell me about it mates… I’m pretty angry and disappointed by this f#¤@ing team !!!