The Football Thread


not a huge fan of football as anyone knows but what PSG did this week against Barcelona is absolutely stunning!!!..who could have thought about such a final result?



Leicester sacking Ranieri has left me speechless.


I hope they get relegated now, the player’s should be ashamed - overpaid pricks!!!


Pity I can’t go as I’m double booked ! Off to see Cantona at the Lowry Theatre in Manchester :wink:


Gazza is giving a talk at Warrington Parr Hall this month.


Hope they get an interpreter in, and close the bar before he drinks it dry.


I know. I was thinking that! :laughing:


He played The Civic in Wolverhampton and got done for Racial Abuse !


You sat in the front row when you go seeing Cantona? Wouldn’t fancy being on the end of one of those flying kicks.


No unfortunately :wink:


I have seen Man United vs. Bournemouth… What do you think which punishments Mr. Ibrahimović and Mr. Mings have to look for. Two situations, the first maybe with intention by Mr. Mings, but the second was a revenge foul by Mr. Ibrahimović. Both had the chance to continue the match :open_mouth:!

I haven’t found a better video?


A couple of incidents before this as well. Both players fouling each other, with Ibrahimovic pushing Mings to the floor which went unpunished - normally a booking. Ref was a bit crap really.

What was good though was that in the after match interviews, neither complained about the fouls against them - they just got on with it.


It’s a pity the ref was so shite , if he’d sent both players off Zlatan would have had just a one match ban, now he’ll be looking at 3-5 I should think.
Saying that if someone had stamped on my head they’d have had more than an elbow in retaliation!!!


:open_mouth: :wink:


I think Zlatans head just moved towards Mings studs, to balance his explanation of the elbow incident - “i jumped for the ball and Mings head moved into my elbow” !!!


Poor refereeing. Both players at it and deserve what they get.


The standard of referees has gone from shit to shitter!!!


Mr. Ibrahimović - three-matche ban
Mr. Mings - five-match game


Congratulations to FC Barcelona an incredible come back .


Bournemouth’s new badge for next season :wink: