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This afternoon along with Dougie Henderson I had the honour of laying out this banner at Hampden at the end where the phrase ‘Brave as a Lion’ was first uttered on 18th May 1991 … well done the the 'well bois on the display preparations for tomorrow …COYW


Nice touch wi the Phil O`Donnel banner. Get right intae thum!l


Belgium,Tunisia and Panama for Russia World Cup next year - Could be worse but it’s England so no massive expectations :grinning:


Yeah 2-0 win for Villa over the Blues :grinning: up to 2nd only 15 games to go !


Scottish Cup Quarter final draw

Celtic v Morton
Aberdeen v Kilmarnock
Motherwell v Hearts
Rangers v Falkirk

Nothing new here… SFA going all out to get their Sectarian Bigoted Final.


Salah. Player of the season. Just saying. Just equaled the record for most left-footed goals scored in a season. :laughing:


Loving the run in for the Championship , might not have the prestige of the premiership but it’s less predictable , Villa thankfully haven’t thrown it all away at least we have the playoffs to look forward to -a lottery but a small chance


Was hoping Chelsea would lose today and practicality guarantee us Champions League next season. Maybe away to Burnley next week?!


Surely gonna win Champions League?


Sshhhhhh!! :zipper_mouth_face:


Great results for me yesterday. Cardiff winning away to Norwich, and Fulham only getting a draw.


I bet on Madrid to win again the CL this year !



I would love a final Livepool FC vs. Bayern Munich.


PSG vs Monaco : 7-1




Read something today that we (Cardiff) are looking at your keeper (Trevor Carson) for next season.


Heard that also Steve, think it’s just paper talk, as the price the paper quoted was only £100,000. Which is less than what Celtic offered before end of the January transfer window and we knocked that back. Realistically we would be looking for about £500,000.


Just hoping everything balances out with 2 Midlands and 1 Welsh team relegated, that Villa will join Wolves and Cardiff next season in the premiership - going to be tough though with Fulham in the playoffs, got to get past Middlesbrough first


Check out @GerrardsPrime’s Tweet:


Just when i thought things couldn’t get better, along come Huddersfield to relegate Swansea :joy: (not mathematically done yet but Southampton have a 3 point and 9 goal advantage going into the final game).

It’s like all my christmases have come together.

Though my pessimistic mind still can still see a conspiracy to spoil this. Stoke don’t like Mark Hughes so will let Swansea easy, and Man City can turn anyone over with a big score if needed.

‘Not over til the fat lady sings’, but i’m sure i can hear her warming up her vocals.