The Last CD You Bought


You have to have a open mind and like a challenge


:laughing: :thumbsup:

…I have Tony, but I just really liked what he was doing up to that point!


… at the Merch Desk.

Kepler Ten - Delta-V
Kino - cutting room flor
John Mitchell - The nostalgia Factory


Did you see Kelper Ten Ulli ?
I really like the CD, a little different :wink:


I have missed Kepler Ten :cry: !


Shame, you’ll enjoy the CD tho, I put a couple of their vids up on The YouTube thread a while ago.


:angry: pissed off !!!..the transaction has been cancelled by the seller because he has not found it in his store…so don’t put it on ebay !!!
the other ones on line are too expensive so I’ll have to wait for this one :disappointed:



Flesh Blood And Bone - Fireroad
I Got Sound - Fireroad


Just pre ordered. :grinning:


:grin: :grin: :thumbsup:




This band really deserves to find its audience !!!..Check it on YT :wink:



I’ve got ‘The Beauty Of Our Youth’ but not ‘Remedies’. I’m guessing you’d recommend it ?


I’ve just listened some tracks (2 or 3 I guess) of “Remedies” on YT and I loved it but I don’t have any idea about the whole album…but what I’ve heard has impressed me!



I can’t find anywhere that sells it. I was looking around a few months ago, and tried again this morning. Burning Shed have the 3 track EP on vinyl, but no album.


Just found a copy on Stickman Records site based in Germany.

Coloured vinyl plus cd - 22 euro + 7.50 uk shipping
CD - 10 euros + 4 euro uk shipping


Yes…I’ve bought the cd’s there
And their 3 tracks EP is only available on vinyl


#1085 :wink:



Robert Plant - Carry Fire
Daniel Cavanagh - Monochrome

Both pre-orders for an Oct 13th release.