The Last CD You Bought


John is well informed about this issue. :open_mouth: :cry:

But as you can see. No solution so far!




Really looking forward to hearing this later this week .
I was hoping it would have been available from the Anathema merchandise stand last week!


Shipping information from Burning Shed received.


The listening pool-debut album


Marillion Bootleg - Just slip across

The audience performes good with “Script”. No idea what h was thinking about :wink: !




That’s a great cover.


Great review in The Sunday Times yesterdy


It’s a really good album :wink:


What Andy says, “a really good album.”:slight_smile:


Daniel Cavangh - Monochrome


Genesis - Seconds Out


Status Quo, live at the NEC in front of Charles & Di. Just been released. Radio 1 aired it as part of their Sight & Sound in Concert series. Famous gig.


Keith, is this maybe full gig as this has been released previously I think?


Previous release was highly edited, this is the full release, including the full 23 minute forty-five hundred times


Cheers, Keith.:slight_smile:


Stone Temple Pilots - Core


At last…my order has been cancelled twice but I managed to have one;this is the vinyl copy :smile: