The Last CD You Bought


Jo wasn’t at her best as she’d been suffering from a cold and was drinking hot lemon and honey through the show, she’s just been announced at Stonefree - good chance to see her!







Pre ordered the new Ghost Live CD Ceremony & Devotion out in January.


I only planned to buy a hat.


It’s always the way! :laughing:



Kepler Ten - Delta V (from the gig the other night) .
Highly recommended :+1:


Unfortunately my original of this is badly scratched, so I’ve just ordered the Remastered version . :+1::wink:


Not sure it has 2 discs though. There was a 2 disc release which had a full live concert on disc 2, but the remastered version only has 1 disc which is the full album with a couple of bonus tracks (or at least the copy i bought was anyway - though Amazon mistakenly gave me access to the live album as part of their Autorip service).

Are you going to see Geoff Tate and his 30th anniversary tour ?


Definitely, I never realised he was touring the album, Cus to be honest his latest stuff leaves alot to be desired!.
It’s the single disc remaster with 2 bonus tracks what I have ordered (Just couldn’t find a picture of it).
Nothing gets by you Steve :wink:


Not sure what to do. He’s playing in Pontypridd (no idea why), the town i was born and bred. It’s a great opportunity to go back and catch up with loads of people i’ve not seen for a long time.

But i’ve got a hospital appointment first thing the next morning (hernia operation) so i need to stay sober, and i know that’ll be difficult if i meet my friends.


A little like myself for the Fish Manchester gig and not being able to drink much :persevere:
I made up for it in Glasgow though :beers::tumbler_glass::wink:



Great cover :+1:


Beautiful cover!!


Looks like something Mark Wilkinson would do.


Galahad - Seas of Change

First track lasts 42 minutes 43 seconds :open_mouth: