The Last CD You Bought


Well i’ve given you a ‘like’ for the first two. Can’t comment on your rapper.


Pre-ordered two albums:

Mustasch - Silent Killer

and MSP - Resistance Is Futile (LP+CD)


Pre-ordered Resistance is futile - Manics. too.


Jim lea … For one night only


In the mailbox today :wink:

Now waiting for the vinyl box !



Thought I would give this one a chance …



LP Supertramp - Paris 1979


Waited too long for this.



It’s here :+1:



What is? :confused:


You’ll be telling us next that her version of Wish You Were Here is better than Floyd’s.


Marillion - Brave (vinyl boxset).


What, she covered Wish you were here??


Marillion-brave deluxe
Simple minds-good news from the next world
Roxy Music-live 2011
Paul draper-live at the scala
Ry cooder-bop til you drop.


Picked up the cd set…Dave Meegans mix is still the best.


Tiger Moth Tales - The Depths of Winter
Tiger Moth Tales - Cocoon


But you have an inbred hatred for anything to do with SW don’t you (me and Mike are seeing him in Cardiff on Wednesday).

Go on, admit it :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Rik - you, me, Mike and Keith really need to meet up again. It’s been a long time.)


Just for your delectation Zaz. Enjoy…


Oh no :nauseated_face: how could they.let her?!