The Last CD You Bought





Lazuli - Saison 8


Kino - Radio Voltaire

… will arrive tomorrow :slight_smile: !


Kraftwerk - Computer World (Remastered)

Cheap Trick - We’re All Right (Deluxe Edition)


Radio Voltaire - Kino


Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding.

I’m reading his autobiography (which is very good) and thought that I should explore some of his solo stuff, that TCW is regarded as the best of it


Don’t know the album, but yes the book is a good read.




Nice encounter in a proper record shop yesterday, one of the guys working there was a fan of Tom Petty and introduced me to this yellow album I had never seen before so I bought the vinyl from which he knocked me 10 euros off :blush:
And T.P. contributed on this album by the Del Fuegos, a band from Boston.


I really like the track Walls(no.3) Zaz, it was a song he played live on the last tour that I’d never heard before.


Bought Marbles and Brave on CD … after listening to both … I prefer this one.



A masterpiece !



Fu Manchu - Clone Of The Universe




Both on glorious vinyl -

The Psychomodo - Cockney Rebel ( £1.99 )
Sweet Revenge - John Prine ( £6.99 )

I mention the price as the John Prine album looks to be in better condition but the Cockney Rebel album plays with far less snap,crackle and pop. Still both albums are 45 and 44 years old. I am nearly 48 and I snap, crackle and pop so what should I expect?:smile:


You heard Psychomodo before Lawrie? Great album.


Years ago I saw Steve Harley at the Stewart Adamson Tribute concert in Glasgow ( May 2002 ) and following that bought a greatest hits / best of Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel. Always meant to buy more stuff and never got round to it. Didn’t know the album before today apart from Mr Soft and Sling It. Yes , a great album.