The Last CD You Bought


I will let you know later, as it hadn’t arrived when I left for work yesterday.
It’ll get plenty of airtime today though.


John Prine - The Tree Of Forgiveness



Not as good as Meliora but still good :+1:


Arrived today :smile:


I’m loving it. Satanic rock with a hint of pop only Ghost know how to do!



Your cooking with gas Paul. John Prine is class. Bruised Orange, Fair And Square very good albums.




A wee trip into Glasgow and unexpected purchases in hmv.


Those original album series packs are very good. Great value for money. Don’t know which company is putting them out, but I’ve bought a few recently. Various bands and solo artists. The packaging is basic, but perfectly acceptable.


Greta Van Fleet - From The Fires
Noel Gallagher - Who Built The Moon
A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant


What do you think of it?


Only played it once so far so probably too early to judge. Immediate impression is that i realise all bands are influenced from somewhere in the past but where’s the line between influenced and blatant copying.

I was unsure with the first few tracks as they sound exactly like Led Zep, the vocal style immediately grabs the attention. However, as i played more, i began to stop scrutinising, just listened, and began to enjoy it.

I’ll give it a few more plays over the next few days and probably have a better informed view then. They are obviously a talented band who should maybe put a bit of their own style into their songs rather than mimick Led Zeppelin (though it worked for Kingdom Come who also had a cracking debut back in the late 80’s - shit, was it really that long ago).


I agree. If they don’t evolve into more of their own sound, they run the risk of being discarded as a Zep clone and will not achieve the level of their obvious potential. At the moment they have the momentum and already have gained serious support (especially in their local market), so the appeal is definitely there (with both young and old). I just hope they develop enough so we see a bit more of their own style on the next record. Great band live. If you get the chance to see them I would recommend doing so.


Genesis - Abacab






Arena - Double Vision


2XCD Queen II & Sheer Heart Attack Tours