The Last CD You Bought


Gteat cover!


The Milk Carton Kids - All The Things That I Did And All The Things That I Didn’t Do

Really looking forward to this now. Came out on the 29th, but waiting on Airmail, as I ordered a signed copy. Hoping for more of the same to their first 3 albums, but this time they are embellished with a backing band. Heard a few tracks already via YouTube. - Anyone interested in Americana or traditional folk should really check 'em out.


Our Country: Americana Act II - Ray Davies



At the gig yesterday…the signed copy of the vinyl version :slight_smile:



What did your son think of the gig? Has he been to gigs before?


It was his very first…he enjoyed it very much although he was very tired;we had to leave to venue before the end…Think I’ve missed maybe two songs but nevermind.He was happy of this experience :blush:



Vega - Only Human. Very good album


Happy Rhodes - Ectotrophia

She is the vocal part of The Security Project. Earlier was Brian Cummins from “The Carpet Crawlers” the singer at The Security Project. Some of the songs by Happy Rhodes are orientaed at Kate Bushs music.


Bent Knee - Say So