The Last CD You Bought


Yes Paul :frowning:


New Tomorrow - Dougie MacLean
Driving To Damascus - Big Country


Liturgy of St John Chrystostom/ 7 Sacred works - Tchaikovsky

St Petersburg chamber choir

Nikolai Forniev.


Long May You Run - Neil Young and Stephen Stills


the new Crippled Black Phoenix album “Great escape” in mediabook format (with a bonus disc which will be released only once)…to be released on the 14th of September

and the very limited clear vinyl copy of the album (250 copies worldwide)




Japan half speed masters on vinyl…

Tin drum and gentlemen take Polaroid’s.


Just pre-ordered A Parley With Angels EP and a Kettle of Fish. :smile:



The Blue Hour - Suede


Hmv purchases today…

Black Stone Cherry -
Foklore and Superstition -
Between the Devil and the Deep blue sea -
All by Black Stone Cherry

Lest we Forget - Marilyn Manson
For All Kings - Anthrax


Great choice mate you’ll not be disappointed


Received the shipment today. There was only Kettle of Fish in the envelope. No Parlay With Angels at all! :disappointed:


Oh no Lauri! The main thing!


I bought the new Fish ep at the show. Anyone notice that the track listing printed on the back is different to the actual track sequence on the CD?


Explained here …


Tell me about it!

I sent a reply to the address where I got my order confirmation from, but that address couldn’t receive my e-mail. I wasn’t able to find any e-mail address where to contact but I found a contact form from Fish website and sent a message via that. Haven’t got any reply yet.


Have read a number of posts on Facebook re. people with similar experience to yourself, Lauri. A possibility could be that they have been sent out separately - Kettle of Fish perhaps being posted out prior to official release date of Parley With Angels.:smile:


Thank you Lawrie for this, I hope it is like you write. It would have been nice though that they’d informed about that when placing an order.


Update to my case: I just got a reply to my e-mail.

Morning Lauri,

Many apologies for that, must have been missed by tired here busy with so many orders. Will send it out today.

Sorry again for the mistake and thank you so much for your patience and support. Will enclose some car stickers for you

Kind regards