The Last CD You Bought


All`s well that ends well. Have to wait a wee bit longer but the wait will be more than worth it. Simone and Elspeth have been working like Trojans in the office as I learned in Edinburgh last week.


At last !!!



4 LP’s edition



Riverside - Wasteland


My daughter bought me this today (cd) :grin:


Kyuss - Blues For The Red Sun

Kyuss - And The Circus Leaves Town


Traces - Steve Perry


Ray LaMontagne - Part Of The Light




well very disappointed by this !!!

I’ve sent an email to Racket Records to say how disappointed I was !!!

" As you can see on the photos below,the cover has many damages due to a lack of protection in the box…plus,the vinyl stays “wide open” because of the 2 discs per pages

The delivery costs are quite expensive and so this kind of delivery should be very well protected (like with bubble wrap or something)

I’ve ordered a vinyl from Season of the mist website and there was no problem at all as it was so well protected

Besides,the way this vinyl edition looks in general is disappointing too as it seems to be wide open…I guess there is not enough room in the covers to have 2 discs in each one…

Marillion’s products have generally much more qualities than this one !!!"




Elvis Costello - Look Now


The Eclipse Sessions - John Hiatt




Bohemian Rhapsody The Original Soundtrack - Queen

Just another Queen compilation to add to the many I already own, but I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie on November 2 when it opens.

Edit: I take it back … it’s definitely not ‘just another Queen compilation’ … it’s worth the money for the (almost complete) recording of the Live Aid set alone :+1:


Nebula - Charged

Nebula - To The Center


Don Airey album is brilliant imho Lauri :+1: :sunglasses:


Arrived in the post yesterday :grinning:


After the first listening I agree with you Rab. And Carl Sentance is surprisingly flexible singer, he can sound very different from a song to another when needed.


I reckon this must be about the fifth time I’ve bought this album. Double editions, remasters, mono versions, special editions and now this because of one extra bonus track. A true classic.