The Last CD You Bought


I guarantee we are all guilty of that when it comes to our favourite albums …

Original '85 vinyl, 2013 reissue 180g vinyl (still sealed), 2017 deluxe remastered vinyl (unplayed), original CD, 1998 24-bit remaster CD & 2017 Deluxe remaster CD/Blu-ray.


Pyromania - Def Leppard - image


A brilliant countryfied album.


Loved it. He obviously sounds ‘old and weathered’, but old people have something to say too!







made a mistake when I placed the order…clicked on the “Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed” button…that makes the price very high for only an EP…but my mistake even if this is not very clear on the site ihmo



Today at Grouchos Record Exchange Dundee -

The Sixpack - ZZ Top ( 1st six albums across 3 CD`s )
Eliminator - ZZ Top
British Steel - Judas Priest
Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982 -2011 - REM


Keep saying I’m not going to buy any more remasters but…

Clutching At Straws deluxe


^ Still waiting for my pre-order to arrive. Hopefully sometime this week :crossed_fingers: I ordered both the CD and Vinyl sets (from Fish’s online store).


Mine arrived at lunchtime today.


Must admit, the quality of these remasters is superb. As I’ve said before, when I buy a cd the case usually gets thrown away, as I put the discs in folders along with the cover/booklet, but won’t be doing it with these!


This was released at last as a CD so I ordered it from the store with download.



Still waiting…paid over £28 for postage and still not received my copies …:pensive:


Highwater 1 - The Magpie Salute