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The Last CD You Bought

Deluxe Lightbox pre-ordered! :laughing:

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Me too :wink: . . .

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In the mail box

Vinyl strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide

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You didn’t buy it when it has been released ?

No unfortunately I missed that boat, the same with the Clutching Deluxe, which has now also been rectified :wink:

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Did you buy the print separately? There seemed to be confusion about whether they’d be sent out to those who’d bought the box or not :thinking:…but I now see they’re on sale separately…

Separately Mik, that was my last birthday money ! :wink:


Really disappointed and pissed off with the Tears for Fears Boxset I got last week.

4 cds including the original album then…demo versions and different mixes, no live recording…
And the blu-ray? All it is is audio only, of Steven Wilson’s remixes of the album…no video, no interviews, no filmed bonuses :angry: And requires to be played on TV only…
What’s the point in putting this on a Blu-ray???
And the booklet is very thin.
Enclosed is also a replica of the program of their STSOL tour. No interest to me whatsoever.

When I look at the Weltschmerz Deluxe I really got the feeling I got more than my money’s worth! 4 hours of bonuses on video…some beautiful artwork, it doesn’t get better than this.

But TFF wtf??


Damn…that’s a shame !


^ Me too! Really loving this one … :+1:

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I’ll have to get that ordered. Haven’t got around to it yet. Wrecking Ball was the last Springsteen album I bought, so I’ve slipped a bit.