The last gig you went to


Andy, it’s quite good. There’s a balcony at the back where I watched most of the show from. I watched the support from downstairs, the sound seems to vary slightly, so wander during the support and work out which is best. There were longish queues to get in - standing in the rain! I didn’t buy beer so can’t comment on beer prices but The Old Crown is just around the corner and serves decent beer. There is only one set of toilets shared between the gents and ladies.


Last night … Michelle Obama spoken word book tour.

A beautiful, intelligent and very funny woman. Pure class.


What an audience :open_mouth: !




Last night a few very fine rock bands. I was surprised how well I managed to keep myself awake until four o clock in the morning! Can’ remember the last time to survive until wee hours!

Knockout Greg and the Jukes from Sweden and Oliver Darling & The Dirty Robbers and Restless from UK were great fun! Here’s Mark Harman from Restless:


The Sheepdogs & Rival Sons

Good to see RS back on form and if you’ve not seen the S’dogs then you should!!


Brian Fallon , Songs For The Hymnal Tour, Edinburgh Usher Hall last night.

Just piano and acoustic guitar versions of many Gaslight Anthem , solo, and associated tracks. Sublime.


Sorry - just seen this, so no need to reply to last question :roll_eyes:


The Struts

Fantastic gig, surrounded by teenagers as well!


Paul Carack at Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline on Saturday.

Didn’t think this would be my cup of tea but I was proved wrong. What a band, and Paul Carack could sing the phone book and it would sound good!


She Drew The Gun at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh last Saturday (23rd). Completely sold out (as was the entire tour) Really, really good.


What kind of band, Mik?


I can only describe them as very eclectic, really - sometimes a bit acoustic folky, sometimes very reminiscent of Portishead, sometimes quite glam rock. Four-piece (although really just Louisa Roach + band) from Liverpool.
This is one of my favourites from their 2nd LP:

…and this is the first song of theirs I heard:


“You wanted the best, you got the best! The hottest band in the world … KISS”

I know some of you are going to see the show when it comes to the UK later this year so if you don’t want to see the photos don’t click on the link.

Click to show the photos


That good ? Cracking pictures !


Thanks. It was a great show.

Gene and Paul’s voices may have sounded a bit strained now and again (understandably!) but it didn’t spoil my enjoyment. I’ve definitely witnessed far worse. The show for me was about pure entertainment. There were no surprises (having seen them a few times before). Just the usual … breathing fire, spitting blood, guitars shooting flames, zipline over the audience, fireworks and then more fireworks. Pyro-galore! A proper Kiss concert. I bloody loved it. :metal::grinning::metal:

Every song is a classic. The audience knew and sang every word. They came on stage at about half-eight and finished at 11. The ‘support act’ was an artist! He painted portraits to music! Although very good it was somewhat odd!

I’m hoping they come back just one more time!

Edit: The ‘support act’ in action …



Mike, are you British or American born?


Kingston Wall with Von Hertzen Brothers. What a gig!!! Just came to hotel from the show which was fantastic.


Deep Purple Family Tree
Good night , shame there wasn’t enough time for full sets from each ,as it was they were still going close to midnight


Joanne Shaw Taylor … second row (with nobody sat in the seat in front of me :+1: ). I got lucky because seats are all the same price ($25) and are allocated on arrival.