The last gig you went to


Quite like what I`ve heard from Tax The Heat.


Yes an excellent album, their latest one. Highly recommended. :wink:


JJ Gilmour with Sean C Kennedy and Josh Fraser at Irvine Arts Centre ( 05/08/16 ). A fantastic night of quality song writng.

The night concluded with a young 17 year old, Sarah Lydia Davidson, with a spell binding vocal on a self penned song that she had worked up at a songwriting workshop earlier in the summer.


Biffy Clyro were a class act last night at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow.

Fall Out Boy not my cup of tea, but the crowd loved them. Wolf Alice were awful and Cage The Elephant were ok.
Took my son Callum for his birthday ( he is 14 today ). He said it was the 2nd best concert he has ever been to. AC/DC retain 1st place.:grinning:


Don’t know if you’re aware of this Lawrie, but Biffy Clyro are on BBC4 at 10:30. Live at Reading 2016.


Cheers Paul, I`m recording this. It will be the same set I imagine. Thought they were very good last night.


Queensryche - The Robin2 Bilston 26/8/2016

Wow what an enjoyable gig, first band up was from Italy called Methodica, a bit Dream Theaterish in places, but we’ll worth checking out.
Archer Nation we’re next on, a hard rock/thrash band from the bay area of California, a cross between Skid Row and Megadeth musically, but not really my cup of tea at all, but they went down pretty well with the audience all the same.
Queensryche on the other hand we’re just brilliant, I counted up it was the 8th time I’d seen this band live since the early to mid 80’s and although that prick Geoff Tate is no longer with the band, in new vocalist Todd La Torre they have a singer that for a small guy has a phenominal range.
The set mainly consisted of a couple of songs from each album with classics Empire, Silent Lucidity, Queen Of The Reich, Best I Can and Eyes Of A Stranger all included.
All in all a good night.


Gun at Buskers Dundee last night.

I hadn`t seen Gun for 24 years until last night. What can I say but absolutely fantastic live band. Old songs and new songs went down a storm. Brilliant gig.


Gutted I’m missing them this time round :neutral_face:


Too busy to grab a word on your behalf Andy. Definitely something to look forward to in the earlier part of next year though.:grinning:



They were great!


Great pics Lauri!


Two gigs in one night.

Simon Kennedy Band at Redd Dundee. A Blues 3 piece. Check out the album, “Make Up Your Mind.”

StillMarillion at Beat Generator, Dundee. - Not sure about tributes usually, but it was a bit like your mates having a party. Good enough for me.


Well, that (Marillion F.E.A.R) will be a gig that sticks in the memory for a while.

Originally a fan club only warm up gig for the US tour, they released about 50 tickets to the wider public which is how I got one.

I’ll start by saying that although I own Marbles and Sounds I virtually gave up on Marillion after Afraid so I knew very little of the set.

It didn’t start well, with the walk on audio and visual display stopping and having to be restarted twice before they could come on. H joked that this was an experiment and wasn’t going well!

Before the gig started there was a huge display behind the stage asking people not to film it or post set lists as spoilers and I think that everyone obeyed that.

The sound mix was poor in places Rothery’s guitar almost inaudible behind lush and dense keyboards, then bursting through. Some individual decided to shout for Grendel a couple of times.

Then during the first encore song it all came to a stop. The tour manager interupted H mid song and H then explained someone had collapsed and was being given CPR. They turned on all the house lights and moved the fans to the other side of the room whilst he was being treated and then from the other side of the room someone else also collapsed and had to be treated!

This all took about 20 minutes during which time quite a few people left, then the band came on restarted the song and then called it a night as they were over curfew time.

Did I enjoy it? yes, I guess so. H is an engaging front man, I need to know more of their back catalogue to critique it. My friend who came with is a big Marillion fan and she enjoyed it, so I guess that it was good!


Hopefully we’ll get some uk dates


BAD COMPANY Plus Guests RSO (Ritchie Sambora & Orianthi)
Birmingham Genting Arena.

A very enjoyable gig .
Ritchie Sambora & Orianthi 's set was a good warm up , banging out a few Bon Jovi singalongs and solo stuff from each artist.
Bad Company although not the longest set in the world were excellent, Paul Rodgers voice is just superb, playing all their well known tracks and 1 new one .
A top night :grinning:
Sorry about the photo quality as I was sat near the back !! .


Tygers Of Pan Tang
Robin2 Bilston. 25/10/16

A really good set, they played alot more of the older stuff than I thought, Hellbound, Don’t Stop By, Love Don’t Stay, Do It Good, Gangland and Suze Smiled to name but a few and 4 new tracks from the excellent new album, as well as the encore, the obvious Love Potion No.9.
A really good sound and very tight performance and for just £10 a ticket absolutely no complaints. :wink::sunglasses:


I’v been at Night of The Proms, Antwerpen Sportpaleis yesterday, a present for my sister’s birthday.
I’m not a fan of large audience concerts.

But. A very very good pop evening ! Something which bring some good and joy, and a moment in time during those troubled times.
The highlight for me was Antonio Seranno, Wow !

A vibrant tribute to all who lost their lives at Le Bataclan last year, we coud’nt avoid to think about this before the show, added to this, the military and police presence…


Marillion’s first date of the UK tour in Aylesbury…What an awesome gig!!!

The atmosphere was incredible. The crowd was brilliant I think the band thought so too :blush: Twice the crowd continued to sing after the songs ended, and got the band starting them again. Quite poignant after “Living in Fear”. I think the band were overwhelmed by it.

The sound and the light show were excellent, not to mention the band.
They played about half of F.E.A.R , alternatively with other songs, played a great and emotional Sugar Mice, came back for three Encores and finished off with a mad Market Square Hero.

H’s voice was spot on, love his presence on stage :heart_eyes:

Wish I could see them again on this tour!!

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Will repost pictures later :rage: