The last gig you went to


Here are few shots from yesterday: Michael Monroe, Danko Jones and Marilyn Manson. Didn’t get any decents shots of Manson, we were not close enough.

All were enjoyable and I managed to catch Steve Conte’s guitar pick. :smile:

More to come today!


Alice Cooper yesterday was fantastic! Great musicians, great songs and a superb show! And in the last song, School’s Out, they combined it with Another Brick In The Wall (We don’t need no education…) and Michael Monroe appeared to the stage to sing with Alice as a surprise guest star!


Alice Cooper always puts on a great show :+1::wink:


19th August 2017 - Kepler Ten / TILT / Lonely Robot
@Islington Assembly Hall, London

I was a little bit late. You’ll never trust it, but I lost some time during a sleep recording to the early wake up call. And I have missed the right stop to leave the bus for the IslingtonAH :open_mouth:!

I have seen TILT an Lonely Robot. Both were the visit (and trip) worth. First time TILT was on Tour and Lonely Robot was at its best. Some technical problems during the performace of Lonely Robot. But the music was at all so good to hear it live!

A pint of Red Stripe beer was 5.90 quids :open_mouth: !

During my visit at the Merch Desk Simon Moston have seen me and suprised me with a hug!

At the Merch Desk I have collected another disc of “Kino”, a side project by Pete. Ulli, the lucky one!


Surprised you with a huge what? :confused:


Huge hug! Already changed! Thanks!


Stereophonics and Fireroad at Caird Hall Dundee last night.

Fireroad - a good old fashioned rock band. Tight, melodic. Nice lads who chatted away at the merch stall at the end of the gig. From Aberdare, South Wales.

Stereophonics - Have few of their albums and largely went along to support a local “big” gig. What a crackin` live band they were. Some might not see them as a “Rawk” band, but these boys know how to play.


Really love Kelly Jones voice. I only own one album of theirs, Word gets Around, that I had purchased cos Wyatt Wendels from Planet Rock wanted me to replicate the cover of the album on his wife’s birthday cake!
What other albums would you recommend me to buy ?


You can’t go far wrong with Performance & Cocktails and Just Enough Education. . . :wink:


I’d go for Decade In The Sun. ‘Best Of’ collection from their first 6 albums.

The Bartender And The Thief
Just Looking
Have a Nice Day
Local Boy In The Photograph
Maybe Tomorrow
Pick a Part That’s New
My Own Worst Enemy
I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio
You’re My Star
Mr Writer
Step On my Old Size Nines
It Means Nothing
A Thousand Trees
Vegas Two Times
More Life in a Tramps Vest
Handbags and Gladrags


Ok, thanks!


This one is great



Edinburgh Usher Hall last night with my daughter, Sarah for the Script and JP Cooper.


Living Colour - Bilston Robin2

I’ve not seen this band since 1993 but what a great gig it was last night, the musicianship from every member of the band and the vocals were sublime. A good setlist with old and new songs they had so much fun, also a mention for guests Stone Broken (below) who were the support, a really good up and coming British rock band who’s new album will be out in January. :metal:


Living Colour and Kings X are two bands that I just never ‘got’!

Stone Broken are good. But take the basketball cap off indoors - just bad manners! :wink:


You must like The Dan Reed Network then . . . . :joy:


So how was Marillion last night at the RAH…can’t wait for your reviews :smile:



30 something years of watching the band but last nights visuals, lights and venue made it THE best ever.

Fantastic gig.


Some good pics here.


And some more here.