The last gig you went to


I would like to say, give “Marbles” a chance :wink: !

What are you listening to (2)?

Anvil @ Robin2


Brian Fallon & The Howling Weather, supported by Dave Hause, Glasgow o2 ABC -

Quite fantastic if I do say so myself. Great songs, great banter. Covers of Fine Young Cannibals, U2 and a wee piano version of `59 Sound. Great gig. Got the exact same spot as The Company had for the Fish gig by the Pod bar. Perfect.


Brian Fallon review


Cheers Keith.:grinning:


I never like to admit to being jealous, but I’m jealous.:nauseated_face:


The Magnum gig last night was cancelled twenty minutes before Rebecca Downes went on stage! The venue decided that with the amount of snow that had fallen during the evening it wasn’t safe to go ahead. The band stood in the downstairs bar for two hours to sign autographs and have photos taken.


Well done Magnum, but are you getting a refund?


They want to reschedule it as it’s home town gig, it just depends upon the date


Paul Youngs Los Pacaminos at Clarks on Lindsay Street, Dundee - 05/03/18.

The man who made his home wherever he layed his hat is part of a Tex Mex / Cajun / Country / Zydeco thing. The band which includes Jamie Moses of the SAS Band are top notch musos who clearly know what they are about. Absolutely outstanding gig.

So many women of a certain vintage were clearly there to see their pin up. However there were no old poptastic hits done in an alternative style ( a good thing ). Instead Paul Young is clearly part of band who are on the money and at the same time having fun. A great night. If this band come your way, then give yourself a treat.


thursday night at the Accord Hotel Arena in Paris… the stage was on fire…more than 30 years after their debut album,Supreme NTM has blown the stage away
Joey Starr is an animal and his voice comes from nowhere…a very impressive and massive gig
I felt like I was a teenager again :grinning: and my daughter loved it too :heart_eyes:




Electric Circus , Wasp tribute
Really good ,great set had the feel of classic Wasp


He been on the Ribena?


Shit seats


I’d ask for my money back Steve :wink:


And very good it is


Steven Wilson - my 5th time seeing SW solo and gets better everytime.

Andy - we had ‘Arriving Somewhere’. Apart from that i’m saying nothing.

Enjoy tomorrow - i’m sure you will.


Great photo … front row?


3rd row, though i’m not a fan of sitting at gigs.


Acoustic yes. Rock no. Goes against all my sensibilities.