The last gig you went to


The Temperance Movement at The Assembly, Aberdeen last night, June 10th.

What a performance, what a band. After years of solo work, Phil Campbell is now where he should be, fronting one of the best bands around. Paul Sayer absolutely outstanding on guitar. The whole band on top form.
Also it`s not often you can park right outside the venue. Clear road home and home in just under an hour from Aberdeen to Dundee.


My son text me when Thunder were on saying he thought they were brilliant (and he’d not heard anything by them before).

I know he was really looking forward to G’n’R and was down the front for their set but i’ve not heard back from him yet about them which may say everything i need to know.


My mate said Greta Van Fleet were brilliant and his band of the weekend, he’d never heard of them before I messaged him to tell me what they were like.
Whatever the bill there is always a band that sometimes by chance you’ll see and then love .
It was Clutch for me a few years ago.


Brother Firetribe



There is nothing to say, except the concert was too short :wink:


Was it in Lille?


Stade Pierre Mauroy , Villeneuve d’Ascq.

Thirty years ago…

They played in Villeneuve, Stadium Nord in July 1988, but I was there in Versailles 21 06 1988 :

And yesterday, Waters :


Malted Milk at Hippodrome de Marcq en Baroeul.

Really really good evening, thanks to my daughter who made me discover this.


Back from the HellFest Festival…never seen anything like this !!!

70000 people per day !!!







Steven Wilson was amazing !!!



And some strange people






Saw Steven Wilson,Europe,Joan Jett and Hollywood Vampires…

Plus some bands I would have preferred never heard of :laughing:…to much noise !!!



Hope that guy had factor 50 suncream on his arse.:open_mouth:


Great photos Anthony looks like you had a brilliant time :+1: :sunglasses: