The last gig you went to


Anyone went to this festival yet ?

It is an experience you should try !



It’s on my bucket list , not for the weirdos that go but it’s always a better line up than Download Festival.
Some great pictures Anthony and if you want a guest to take next year I’d love to go :wink:


The Iron Maidens … all female tribute band out of Los Angeles, California. Great fun and they can certainly play those guitars!


…and their Eddie certainly looks miles better than Maiden’s early efforts :smile:


Was that when you stopped working? :laughing:


Ramblin Man


Some belated RW pics from last Monday. Enjoyed the gig.


Robbie Williams puts on some show.:laughing: Seriously, looks the real deal.


It was really ingenious, I thought, the way the screens came down the middle of the arena. Clever use of the space.


The production costs of these things must be immense.


I guess that’s why most of the tickets were £105 :scream::money_mouth_face:

It was amazing, though. Just a screen behind the band for the first set, showing animations and footage with a theme of a silver sphere flying around various scenes.
The second set opened with red ‘emergency’ lights descending on rails from the ceiling, looking like they were almost going to touch the audience. Then, from those rails, the chimneys (smoking) and the remainder of Battersea Power Station slowly rose (with a little flying pig, as you can see). That then became a screen for projections for most of the remainder of the show.
About half way through the second set, the silver sphere emerged from backstage as an inflatable, being controlled by several drones attached to it. Having flown a circuit of the arena, this then made its way into the centre of the laser-created pyramid. Spectacular stuff.
The band was on stage for well over 2 hours.


Steven Wilson - L’Olympia,Paris

Simply awesome !!!



Saw him once and I was disappointed…he was not in great shape although the lights and sound was fantastic !!!

But he’s really an amazing performer on stage (the « live at Knebworth » DVD is absolutely amazing;think I’ve rarely seen somthing like that before)



Iron Maiden




Rose Tattoo


Glenn Hughes … simply amazing!





Was lucky enough to meet him earlier in the day and got him to sign a couple of my CD’s and a (new) copy of his autobiography …



Excellent stuff, looking forward to seeing the show in Manchester at the end of the month.
Phenomenal voice still.


I’m seeing him 3/10 in Lemmers, all the reviews have been good so far!


I downloaded the concert recording from the show I attended via his website (for a small fee). Great to listen to again.