The last gig you went to


Geoff Tate


Thoughts Steve ?


I enjoyed it. It wasn’t the best gig but it was ok. He’s definately still got his voice, though I felt a bit sorry for him thinking he used to sell out big arenas but has ended up in Pontypridd with a 500 crowd.

The night to me though was never really about the gig. I was born and brought up in Pontypridd but very rarely go back there (even less so since my mum died), so it was all about catching up with people, some who i’ve not seen for 10 years or more. Hit the pubs at 3 in the afternoon, had a great day and ended up slightly (very) drunk. :grin:


The New Roses

Two really good up & coming bands. However, yet another example of either the promoter or the venue getting it wrong. I counted 45 people. In a 500+ venue. With five staff on duty. No-one makes money from this. They’d have been far better playing The Asylum which holds 75-100.


The Wildhearts


How would you describ the venue Keith?
I’m going to see Riverside there next year and it’ll be a new venue for me . :thinking:


Andy, it’s quite good. There’s a balcony at the back where I watched most of the show from. I watched the support from downstairs, the sound seems to vary slightly, so wander during the support and work out which is best. There were longish queues to get in - standing in the rain! I didn’t buy beer so can’t comment on beer prices but The Old Crown is just around the corner and serves decent beer. There is only one set of toilets shared between the gents and ladies.


Last night … Michelle Obama spoken word book tour.

A beautiful, intelligent and very funny woman. Pure class.


What an audience :open_mouth: !