The last gig you went to


Agree about the Royal Albert Hall - fantastic venue.


Yatta is retiring due to it being that time for him in that he is 64 / 65 years old now and he deserves a break from the demands of the road. That along with health reasons make it time to stop. Fish spoke about this in a recent radio interview ( can`t remember link ).

All the best Yatta.


Some words about the last gigs I went to.

Cloudbusting in Worcester
If I had the chance to invite them to Germany, I would. Every visit worth. You know, you should love Kate Bush music …A very spevial evening and gig. No pics allowed. Only some with my phone,not during the perfornce …

Ukulele Orchestra of great Britain
Also a visit worth. A very special kind of presenting songs from the past. We had a special venue. Konzerthaus Berlin. More than used for classic performances. But it works with the UOUK. There were joking in a special way. I have passed some of the jokes :wink: .

Vanessa Carlton in Berlin
I love her music!!! And when she entered the stage I falll more in love the her music. She was on stage for only 80 minutes, But every minute was so good. She was talking about her inspiration for the songs. Anyway. At the end I was in the queue for an autograph. She aske me about my name. And I spelled it three or four times. “Ulli”

During her gig she was talking about the music, she love, about the time when she is writting her music, apart from the main music companies, which she has left three or four years ago.

Then she said a sentence like “Our music, we like, is a kind of religion for us.”

IMHO not a religion, but a main part of my/our life.

I have no idea, what are you thinking about my love to the music of Vanessa Carlton. But we have to respect every kind of music and everyone who is in love with music we didn’t love. (We have Helene Fischer in Germany, I don’t like her music after the first song …)


Thanks Ulli! Glad you enjoyed all your recent gigs, and I completely agree with your last paragraph. - Although we all have a common bond in our love of Fish and Marillion, and that may move into other areas of prog and rock, I think we all also have other tastes that may differ and maybe not cross over. - Always respectful of what others are into as that music may mean a lot to them.


The 4th gig in eight days was on Saturday, Public Image Ltd. in Berlin. Huxley’s Neue Welt. A venue for more than 1.600 people. I’m not sure, but I think it was sold out, there were no tickets left at the box office.

Why P.i.L. In my CD collection are only two of them, “The Greatest Hits, so far” and the last one album “What The World Needs Now…” I had friends, when I grew up, which supported their music, New Wave/Post Punk you know. I wasn’t so close to P.i.L. and this music, but I liked some of the songs. When I heard years ago, P.i.L. will go on tour, I was looking often on their web page about their tour dates. Never ever, it worked for me :frowning: . Then they have released their new album. One reason more to see them live. And at the end, it was a good decision. Great stage appearance by John Lydon. Very loud :wink: :open_mouth: !! The crowds in Berlin aren’t so enthusiastic as in the UK or western part of Germany.

Next dates in the UK.

Coventry, The Copper Rooms at Warwick University, UK, Tuesday, May 24th 2016
Wakefield, Warehouse 23, UK, Wednesday, May 25th 2016 SOLD-OUT
Wrexham, William Aston Hall, UK, Thursday, May 26th 2016
Walton-On-Trent, Bearded Theory Festival, Saturday, May 28th 2016
Cardiff, Tramshed, Wales, UK, Sunday, May 29th 2016
Sunderland, The Point, UK, Monday, May 30th 2016
Lincoln, Engine Shed, UK, Wednesday, June 1st 2016
Blackburn, King George’s Hall, UK, Thursday, June 2nd 2016
London, Indigo at O2, UK, Saturday, June 4th 2016
Oxford, O2 Academy, UK, Monday, June 6th 2016
Sheffield, O2 Academy, UK, Tuesday, June 7th 2016
Holmfirth, Picturedrome, UK, Wednesday, June 8th 2016 SOLD-OUT
Falkirk, Warehouse, Scotland, UK, Friday, June 10th 2016
Inverness, Ironworks, Scotland, UK, Saturday, June 11th 2016
Edinburgh, Liquid Rooms, Scotland, UK, Sunday, June 12th 2016 SOLD-OUT
Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms, UK, Tuesday, June 14th 2016 SOLD-OUT
Brighton, Concorde 2, UK, Wednesday, June 15th 2016 SOLD-OUT
Bath, Komedia, UK, Friday, June 17th 2016
Northampton, Roadmender, UK, Saturday, June 18th 2016 SOLD-OUT


Ulli , try the P. I. L. - That What Is Not 1992 album, it’s superb, more mainstream rock than punk.
I’d highly recommend it.


Ordered! Thanks!


Tonight i’m going to see Manic Street Preachers,
Super Furry Animals, and Public Service Broadcasting in Swansea Liberty Stadium.


Have a goodun Steve, it should be a great gig.


If it counts as a gig I went with the family to a local thing called West Fest. A community festival in the west end of town here in Dundee. Seriously checkout anything by Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward and Fisher / Sinderins on YouTube etc. stunning band. New album due in next week or two. Fantastic.


Mostly Autumn - The Robin2 Bilston

A full two and a half hour show, covering tracks from most of their back catalogue, standouts for myself were Mother Nature, Passengers and Heroes Never Die.
A nice encore of Floyd’s - Run Like Hell and Comfortably Numb rounded off an excellent evening, all for £15.
Rab wasn’t the only one to grab a bargain yesterday (curry). :wink:



Kings of the Wild frontier Album played in its entirety, plus a lot of Early classics such as, Your so Physical, Xerox machine, Fall out/in, Car trouble, Prince Charming, Stand & Deliver and too many more to mention…
A great night rolling back the years…


Bruce Springsteen in Werchter, near Brussels. I have bought the tickets in February this year. No idea about the “venue”, stadium or whatever it’ll take place. I only have look for the area around for a accommodation. Haven’t found one!

On Saturday 9:30 am. we started the trip to Werchter. We arrived in Werchter around 16:15 pm. A stop at the petrol station was a good idea :wink: . We have parked the car in a parkin area called C4. 20 minutes walk to the “venue”. There was a huge gate with about 15/16 entrances to the “venue”. On the way to the “venue” we have heard some music. Maybe sound check by the E-Street Band (it wasn’t). We entered the entrance and no music. But a lot of people. A really lot of! We were walking around the venue area. A lot of stalls for something to drink, to eat, … And the some music. Lionel Richie on stage fae away from our spot :wink: :slight_smile: . I have checked this date on the internet and I have found this … TW Classic Line up

First I realised, we have missed Simply Red :frowning: .

But Lionel Richie did a god job! Later, after a 45 minutes break, was Lana del Rey on the list. No way for me to get in touch with her music. Only one song, you know which one, I could recognise.

And 5 minutes before schedule was Bruce Springsteen on stage together with the E-Street Band. The first songs were from “The River” album. Only hard core supports were in touch to these songs. And then, one song after the other, a best of for more than 120 minutes of Bruce Springsteen. What a great performance. We (the crowed) enjoyed it and I#m sure he and his band as well!

We left the “venue” around 00.15 am. We have reached the car 20 minutes later. Back at home at 07:12 am. I fell into the bed. So tired! But with a smile on my face.

Every mile of the drive to Werchter (and back) worth!


BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Paris 13th July 2016 Accord Hotel Arena

I attended at the most amazing concert I’ve ever been!!!

3 hours and 20 minutes of an extraordinary show…literally blown away by the Boss !!!

I’ve never seen such energy,power,sincerity or communion during a show like the one I’ve seen yesterday!

the whole River album was played followed by many many amazing songs (the version of “dancing in the dark” was incredible) and the verion of “the river” even brought tears in my eyes…

I have no words strong enough to describe what I really felt yesterday but I have never been so happy and exhausted after a gig

Long live the Boss !



He never fails to deliver! I’m convinced he would go on all night if he was allowed!


Sound exactly like when I saw him on the Isle of Wight Festival. 3 and a half hours of a fantastic show. One of the best acts I’ve ever seen live!!!



It was 1988 since Iast saw Heart in concert on the “Bad Animals” tour, so I was really looking forward to this gig.
What a fantastic venue the Symphony Hall is as well, with an excellent sound, support tonight came from FM who I’ve seen loads of times over the years and they didn’t disappoint.
Heart though are just on top of their game at the moment, promoting their excellent current album Beautiful Broken they played quite a good selection off it, intermingled with many of their classic songs from over their 40 year history.
The encore with the trilogy of Zeppelin classics though made it a perfect end to the evening for me, with Anne’s blistering vocal power (especially on Immigrant Song) coming straight through you.
I apologise for the photo quality but as you can see I was sat in the heavens. :wink:


I was row 2 dead centre!! Awesome gig


The Answer and Whitesnake tonight. Both great!


Last night at The Slade Rooms; Crimson Star - Broken Witt Rebels & Tax The Heat.

All for £8!!

If you’ve not seen BWR then do so, these boys are good!

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