The Live Songs you like Best in videos


Got too much time on my hands…

Some live tracks are nothing like their studio versions.

This live performance is one of my all time favourite, must have played this live album to death when I was a teen.
Taken from Fleetwood Mac’s 1982 Mirage tour in Los Angeles.
To me, the band as good as they can get.





Have quite a few favourite live versions of songs I love, but I want to start with this performance of Jackson Browne’s For A Dancer, which is a really affecting song for me. - Seen numerous vids of him doing this track, but this one sticks in my mind because of the extra meaning and emotion he was obviously feeling.


Watched this vid numerous times. My favourite track from Graceland, but Myriam takes it to another and almost dreamlike level. - One of those gigs I would have loved to have been at.


Third choice, for me the definitive version of a magical track that utterly transports me back to the 80’s! What more can I say? Genius.


Fantastic album which I have on vinyl. I was lucky to see Myriam Makeba in Harrogate in the late nineties. What a great lady she was.


Just find this performance mesmerising. Mark Knopfler has long been my all-time favourite guitarist. Makes what he does look ridiculously easy.






Quite simply, ALL OF THIS. The iconic live performance.


always prefered the live version of this song to the studio version



same thing for this song:so great playing live!!!




Still my favourite Mostly Autumn track, and I love this live version.


Not really a video, but a live recording. The studio version of this track is upbeat, but stripped down, he turns it into one of his best ever ballads.