The Moveable Feast Tour 2014


Who’s going where ? I’ll be at the Durham gig and then the night after in Preston, also the back end of the tour Holmfirth, Liverpool and then Glasgow for some end of tour shenanigans:-) :thumbsup:



Hopefully I’ll get to say hello then, in either Liverpool or Glasgow :grinning:


going to Compiegne and Paris :smiley:



Zeotermeer, Uden, Karlsruhe and Liverpool :slight_smile:


1000kms far away from home!: Barcelona


First time for me going to Holmfirth


Hi Sandy I’m Going To The Durham Gig…Cannot Wait…Paul


Hopefully finally meet up with you Sandy, Going to Bilston and Glasgow gigs :smile:


Hoping to do Liverpool, I can get a late train home from there…


Hi Sandy ,going to Durham tonight,Preston tomorrow,Holmfirth ,Liverpool,Sheffield and maybe barcalona if i can get deal on flights n someone to look after kids ,take care Barry


Great show in Durham last night,fish and the band were great ,pity about mic probs on big wedge ,didnt really matter as we all just sang along anyway ,Brilliant version of Blind to end with well done one n all ,Thanks Sandy and Thanks Fish for taken time to come out of pub for pic and autographs your a legend take care tours going to be great ,see you in preston tonight,safe travelling Barry


Great night at Preston,set changes worked really well ,Fishs voice on form band sounding great ,met up with a friend who wed met at Haddington whod bought some friends along that hadnt seen Fish before they loved the show ,so much they are booking for liverpool in december,Great seeing Sandy and everyone again ,booking for Glasgow today , take care safe journey till Holmfirth


Gonna be at The Brook - Southampton tonight at the end of the bar as usual


So for those that saw the first UK shows… how were they?


Looking forward to the gig in glasgee…seems ages away but i’m sure time will fly!


C u there oan Sunday Rik mate for a Pint the gether! Slainte! Mucker! :wink: :slight_smile:


Without a doubt rab…you can count in that.starting to get into fishhead mode;)


PS…I’m heading to the laurieston bar in Glasgow as soon as I get off the plane…proper old school pub:)


augsburg and if possible aschaffenburg