" They shoot horses don't they ?" I'm still dancing!


Ok let’s not beat about the bush and I’ll tell you how it is. Two days ago I saw a consultant re my shoulder that I had an ultra sound examination on in May. I’ve been waiting to hear back for months and finally have a diagnosis and remedy. It’s not good. I knew I…

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On the face of it, sounds like bad news, but Remasters are behind original schedule so a chance to catch up.

More time to finalise ideas for the ‘final’ album, so again, all good.

Your retirement from performing is delayed, which isn’t such a bad thing from a fan perspective.

Only downside is you’ve lost your wanking hand , and i’m sure you will overcome that.

All the best to you on a full recovery. Fish, you know that we as fans will wait until you are ready, and we’ll always accept your judgement as to what is best. At the end of the day, it’s your health that comes first.


End of the day, I’m not concerned about delayed material and lack of touring. Most important thing is you have your ops and get yourself as fit as possible. I’m sure that’s all any fan will care about. - Some things are more important than a work schedule. Best wishes Fish.


My sentiments exactly. All the best Big Man .


no matter how the remasters or the new album are delayed…most important is health so take care of you Fish and I’m sure you can count on your family environment to help you in this difficult times…really hope you’ll recover very soon but take your time



Take care Fish.


All the best today Big Man. Hope things go well. Take care.


First priority should be your health. All the other things will come afterwards. Take care!