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Hi Stranger :wink: Great to Have you Back on the NEW Forum Rob, may I take this chance of giving you Company Congratulations on Tying the Knot Good Sir! :smiley:


Hi, this is my first contribution (from way down here in Tasmania, Australia) and felt compelled to comment on the new CD. I’ve been a Fish fan ever since the Script and there is no doubt this new album is one if not the best of his/your career. It is wonderful- with so many other UK artists I love, I wish I was there so I could see you guys live.

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Welcome to the Union :slight_smile:


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Liking The New Forum, Not been around for a while…Probably since just after the last convention lol…A lifetime ago I know!..For All of You that know or vaguely remember me - Half of the Coops and Nige (The Scouser) duo No 1 at the end of most bars in Lemmers…Hi to you all. Hi to Chris & Tanja who I also enjoyed their company on the last tour in Stockton…A very empty Gig indeed…anyone Going to Durham Gig drop me a text 07890748370…Paul


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Hello, guys! I have to say I’m kind of a lapsed fan… never saw Fish during the days of his old band, although I loved those albums, got into his live shows via ‘Vigil’ and saw him many times during those next few years but kind of fell away in the mid 90’s… ‘The 13th Star’ brought me back into the fold and I’ve been catching up ever since… AFOC is just amazing.

Looking forward to much communication with like-minded folks about a man I have so much admiration for…


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Feel free to join in any of the chat. Are you planning on seeing any upcoming Fish shows?