Welcome to The Union


Hi Marina A very warm welcome back to the Forum I would say the Company but realistically and hand on heart No one ever leaves “The Company” :wink: :smile:


Welcome back Marina! Glad, you found your way to the new forum!


Hi _ I am looking for 1 ticket for Birmingham if anyone has a spare - hope someone can help (long shot I know)

Thanks in advance



Hi all I`ve been too quiet for a few weeks now. Just a wee message to say I am back to posting. Things a bit mad recently prior to going on holiday ( just back from Tenerife yesterday ). Now back to as near normal as things get. Speak to you soon. Cheers. :smiley:


Welcome back Lawrie! Hope all is well. We noticed you weren’t around!


Hi everyone.
I’ve never posted here before, but no doubt bumped into a lot of you somewhere out there either with the big man or his old mates🤔
I felt it time to join as this period in Fish’s career is as monumental as anything he’s ever undertaken…

Take care and stay alive
Proud scouser :v:


Hi, J. Welcome.


Welcome! Staying alive is a priority.


Hi JFT, Welcome to the Company :wink:


Hi Jft :grinning:


Welcome to The Union!


Welcome, welcome and thrice welcome!


Welcome around here J



New to the forum, so it seems the polite thing to do to introduce myself. Big fan of Marillion back in the Fish era, saw them on the Real to Reel and Misplaced Childhood tours. Gutted when the big man left, but quite liked Seasons End and Holidays in Eden, saw them on both tours. Saw Fish on Internal Exile and a subsequent tour (Suits/Songs from the Mirror?). Life got busy and I moved on a bit musically. Also a bit disappointed that such an excellent songwriter released a covers album.
Long story short, took my son away camping this year and for some reason listened to Misplaced Childhood for the first time in ages. Forgot quite how good the music was. Back with a bang now.
Thought I’d missed the chance to see him live but bought a ticket for Islington today. Looking forward to it already.


welcome Edgeways :wink:



Welcome to the forum, Edgeways!


Welcome edgeways !


Welcome onboard!


Hi mate, all the best and welcome.


Welcome to the forum :wink: