Welcome to The Union


Hi folks,

Thought I’d better do the decent thing and say “Hello” to one and all.

The names Kev, Im new to the forum, dont think I’ve joined it before but you can never say never at my age lol, but have been a fan of early Marillion and Fish since the distant 80s. Bought “He Knows You Know” 7 as a teenage metalhead, which i still proudly own!, and have been a fan ever since. Remember watching them on Old Grey whistle Test on my tiny black and white TV, playing Forgotten Sons and being amazed by it.

Huge music fan of many genres these days, seems my tastes are widening with age!

Like many I never really took to the Steve Hogarth era Marillion, partly through band loyalty and part I’m not overly keen on his vocal style, hes a bit too Chris de Burgh for my liking :wink:!

Never seen the big fella live but hoping to make the Glasgow gig in December.

Hope you’re all doing great guys, its nice to be here!


Welcome to the company Kev !


Welcome Kev! Enjoy the forum!


Hi Kev. Welcome onboard mate! Hope you make a gig!


Welcome Kev :wink:



Greetings Kev and welcome to the Company…


Hi Kev, Henglers Circus is the usual meeting point for Glasgow gig across on the other side of Sauchiehall Street from venue. Maybe meet you in December. Cheers.


Welcome to the Company KeV, hope to see you at the Glasgow gig, like Lawrie said, henglers circus weatherspoons is the usual meeting point.


Thanks for the welcome guys…the Glasgow gig looks a definite. Hope to meet some of you there.


Hi everyone. Just joined the Forum, so I’m finding my way for now. See some of you in Islington and Glasgow later in the year!
This is Julian, or LoneRanger10.


Welcome aboard


Welcome :wink:



Hi Julian. Welcome!


Hi Julian, Welcome mate! Looking forward to a catch up with you and Tony in Glasgow. :wink: :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


Welcome aboard my friend :+1::wink:


Welcome to The Union!


Welcome Julian! I’ll be in Islington on 17th.


Good evening sir. I will defintely see you in Glasgow. :slight_smile: