Weltschmerz Update!


Is it? Oh yeah. Well there’s another option.


I would like to go to either Lemmers or Edinburgh, with the possibility of a meet up?



Sept 22nd - Edinburgh Queens Hall
Sept 23rd - Liverpool O2 Academy
Sept 24th - Leamington Assembly

All on sale March 2nd


Edinburgh for me !
Because it’s on a saturday. Easier.


Edinburgh gig during Festival fringe so hotels are expensive probably need to go B&B .
Checked the Travelodges and they are all over £100 for the Saturday.


Would you be up for a meeting in Edinburgh then? :grinning::beers::guitar:
I’m in!


Thought the fringe was in August, not September :thinking:

Edit : Rab, you’re right. Fringe is over in september, but the prices for the hotels are crazy… :scream::flushed::angry::rage::sob:


Yeah fringe runs for about 3months overall.
Really needs to be B&Bs


I found one , and book it right now ! (cancel with no fees if necessary)


You’re keen! :laughing:


Yeah !! :rofl:
(The flights won’t be cheap at this date, I’ll decide later)


These tickets are gonna go like shit off a shovel. Edinburgh on a Saturday? Yi Dancer!:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


Aye wait take yae see the hotel prices £££


Looking at the expense, I’ll probably just do Leamington and wait for Glasgow in December if he plays ? :thinking:


Making no decisions until I’ve mulled things over till the tickets are released. Won’t be paying through the nose. Can’t afford it.


Tickets will probably be the same as last year £22 or there about.
Waiting myself to see the rest of the dates released before making a decision, but will only be doing one gig due to my present situation.


Accommodation and travel. Ticket prices aren’t the issue. Haven’t checked Edinburgh hotel prices during Fringe, but can only imagine!


Honestly mate don’t bother just check B&B’s I’ve went on booking.com there are a few about £50-60 but trying to get one so you don’t have miles to walk is a task in itself.

Tbh Xmas would have been better since he played Glasgow last year.


Here’s a couple of pics of the venue.






It would be great to find a date that would work for all of us. Leamington could be the one. Edinburgh sounds expensiv as Marie told us. Flights for the non UK mates is the next point to think about.

My first idea was to fly to Manchester to visit the Liverpool gig and next day a drive to Leamington. Flight back on Thursday from Luton.