Weltschmerz Update!


This time will be Edinburgh only for me I think. Would be good to stay over but if no one else is doing Edinburgh might travel back home as it is only an hour or so away.


Am I correct in thinking that all tickets go on sale March 2nd, or just the Lemmers ones?


They way things read it looks like they all go on sale March 2nd.


Re. accommodation. Mortonhall Caravan and Camping Park - Caravans, Shepherds Huts, Wigwams and Tents. 4 miles from venue. 15 - 20 minute taxi.


Are you serious Lawrie? Feckin wigwams? Do I look like Sitting Bull?


I was thinking a Company caravan. We might get chucked off the site but it would be a story to tell the grand children.


Big Chief say, " When hotel too expensive, check out all avenues."


I’ll send you some smoke signals when I arrive. 3 puffs for ‘get the beers in’.


Could end up sleeping in the ‘avenues’.


Sorry this just came to mind reading that :wink:


I found a garage. Not better than camping.


News from The Paradiso Amsterdam …

Fish @Paradiso Amsterdam - 23th October


Another venue in Netherland annouced a FIsh gig in October …


Booked with cancellation option accommodation in Liverpool and Leamington.

Liverpool Lord Nelson Hotel, next to the venue, for only 42 Euros.


There’s 5 Netherlands dates up now , hopefully we’ll get the uk December dates soon


Not sure if December dates will be added. These have already been announced

Sept 22nd - Edinburgh Queens Hall
Sept 23rd - Liverpool O2 Academy
Sept 24th - Leamington Assembly

All on sale March 2nd


Sept 22nd - The Queen’s Hall Edinburgh , Scotland
Sept 23rd - O2 Academy Liverpool , England
Sept 24th - Leamington Assembly Leamington Spa , England
Sept 28th - Kantine Cologne , Germany
Oct 11th - Fabrik Hamburg Germany
Oct 12th - Kulturetage Oldenburg , Germany
Oct 14th - Kesselhaus Berlin , Germany
Oct 30th - Zeche Bochum , Germany
Oct 31st - Rosenhof Osnabruck , Germany
Nov 1st - Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg , Germany


nothing in France :disappointed:



You would expect something in France. There must be something planned?


More gigs will annouced in the future. And more Europe gigs for 2019!