Weltschmerz Update!


I asked at the Robin2 @ Bilston tonight and they knew nothing, or they weren’t letting on.
Probably too small a venue now?


Update from Fish’s Fb page last night

Weltschmerz/ Clutching at Straws Tour 2018

As you are probably noticing the European dates are stacking up and I am adding them as I’m given ticket details. The gaps that are obvious have shows in them and they will be confirmed and named as I get them. There are Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Swiss and more German shows that are being finalised and signed off

The tour will probably run until around the 15th November in Europe and then we take a break before around 2 weeks of UK shows. Please don’t ask about ‘your city/town’ as all the places that have given my agent offers are in negotiation.

There are plans for a further European tour next April/May if the numbers work out and that is intended to take in countries I haven’t played on this section. The contenders are obvious but I stress that unless dates/venues/ financial guarantees and everything else makes sense I can’t get on a bus.

It’s the same old scratchy record I know so please don’t bombard me with “whens and whys” as I don’t have any more answers.Sorry.

I am totally aware of people territories, towns and cities that want me to play there and I cannot answer “when, why” questions as I would spend all day going nowhere on a keyboard.Please don’t waste either of our time and energy.

If it can happen, it will happen and you will be told when it does.
Apologies if I sound a bit “off” but after reading over 50 posts and PM’s in a day asking "when are you coming to …fill in the gap…? I think most of you get the picture.

I can’t tell you anymore at present apart from that my agent is working very hard to bring a tour together. It takes a lot of time, and work, a lot of negotiations and cajoling and patience to tie all the pieces up. We do our best

thanks for the understanding


From Fish’s Fb page just now…

Confirmed dates and more to follow…

These are the dates confirmed so far this year with more to be filled in next week. I’ll put them on the events page when I get the ticket url’s

FISH live 2018 ( Weltschmerz / Clutching at Straws ) :

JUL 01 Maidstone ( England ) Ramblin’ Man Fair
JUL 20 Plovdiv ( Bulgaria ) Hills of Rock Festival
JUL 28 Seebronn ( Germany ) Rock of Ages Festival
AUG 01 Wacken ( Germany ) Wacken Open Air
AUG 10 Cropredy ( England ) Fairports Cropredy Festival
SEP 22 Edinburgh ( Scotland ) The Queen’s Hall
SEP 23 Liverpool ( England ) O2 Academy
SEP 24 Leamington Spa ( England ) Leamington Assembly
SEP 28 Cologne ( Germany ) Kantine
SEP 29 Isernhagen ( Germany ) Blues Garage
OCT 11 Hamburg ( Germany ) Fabrik
OCT 12 Oldenburg ( Germany ) Kulturetage
OCT 14 Berlin ( Germany ) Kesselhaus Kulturbrauerei
OCT 15 Poznan ( Poland )
OCT 16 Krakow ( Poland )
OCT 18 Warsaw ( Poland )
OCT 20 Bydgoszcz( Poland )
OCT 21 Gdansk ( Poland )
OCT 23 Amsterdam ( Holland ) Paradiso
OCT 24 Nijmegen ( Holland ) Doornroosje
OCT 26 The Hague ( Holland ) Paard
OCT 27 Heerlen ( Holland ) Limburgzaal
OCT 28 Utrecht ( Holland ) Tivoli Vredenburg
OCT 30 Bochum ( Germany ) Zeche
OCT 31 Osnabrück ( Germany ) Rosenhof
NOV 01 Aschaffenburg ( Germany ) Colos-Saal


From Fish’s Facebook page

Fish December UK shows Weltschmerz Clutching at Straws Tour 2018

Ticket link http://www.thegigcartel.com/Artists-profiles/Fish.htm

Please note link hasn’t been updated yet and nothing will be on sale until 2nd March






Looks like it’s Leamington for me in September


Manchester is such a good venue as well.
Great gig last year.
How big is that venue in Glasgow ?


At the moment I keep Edinburgh : it’s on a saturday, easier for me… Sorry guys and gals… :anguished:
The venue looks great too.


Edinburgh and Glasgow. Yabbadabbadoo! 291 sleeps!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


If I can get the time off work, I favour Edinburgh, despite the extra cost. I’ll think about it some more, but it will definitely be the only gig for me this year. Well, other than very local ones.


Glasgow for me and maybe Leamington :wink:


Bigger than the Abc Andy,

2500 Capacity.


Just noticed. Is that back at Eglinton Toll? Will not be drinking in any pubs around there. OYF, The Glaswegian and The Laurieston?


South from the Clyde river. Such a long walk from the city. I was there first in 2012 when Fish was playing at the O2 ABC. I was wrong with the name, so/too many O2s in the UK Academies, ABC or Ritz or … :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: . It is quite isolated/stand-alone there in Eglington Street. My first impression in 2012 was, it is closed :wink: :smiley: ! And I think there isn’t a pub around the corner :open_mouth: .


Only 2 days before the tickets go on sale !


…and I still don’t know where I’m going! We all seem to be going to different locations.


I’m sad if not the most people here won’t go where I choosed, sad not to meet you all. But… :pensive:
Hope I can have a ticket…


Get yir arse to Glasgow in December.:smiley: Time enough to arrange and plenty if not everybody together. Cost has probably wiped out a weekend in Edinburgh for most with Hotels etc. too expensive still busy owing to the Festival.


December is very difficult with my job. No hols. Pulling a sickie is an option, but I’d prefer a summer gig tbh.


Well get yir arse to Edinburgh. You can crash in Dundee and travel back on the Sunday. Simples.


There is a pre-sale on the Glasgow o2 Academy website for 13th December gig for o2 customers ( phone I presume ). You need a code / register to access this.