Weltschmerz Update!


Have you got the code ?


Quite fancy Edinburgh as I’ve been to Glasgow so many times…
I also lived in Edinburgh years ago and loved the place!


Sorry for not reading back, but has anyone posted links to the relevant gig tickets sales? i.e. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lemmers, Liverpool etc? It’ll be first out of the starting blocks on the 2nd!


I’ve talked a mate from work into goin to Lemmers with me , just hope I’m lucky with tickets . 9am friday I’m on it.


No Andy, but if you go on the gig website it invites you to input a code if you have one or o2 customers can sign up to receive one.


Yes, on what website can we book ?


Apart from Leamington which has limited availability, due to some tickets being witheld from the previous cancellation, does anyone think these dates will sell out that quickly ?


I’ll be doing the same as Andy with Leamington tickets 9 am booking , apart from the Scottish dates and Lemmers can’t see others going as quick ,just as long as we don’t get the situation we had with See tickets over selling last tour we’ll all be ok


Are you coming to Edinburgh if you can travel back home?


Are you sure the tickets were sold in seconds after they will be available :wink: :open_mouth: ?


Just Leamington will be tight I think, for obvious reasons.


You not doing a Scotland gig Ulli?


Sickie costs nil other than conscience and you can stay at mine.:stuck_out_tongue:


Glasgow onsale at 09:00 and Edinburgh onsale at 10:00. Havent checked the others.


Glasgow tickets secured, just gotta wait til Lemmers goes on sale now at 10am now.

Tony, Julian and Graham have said they are doing the annual Glasgow trip also.


Can’t see where to book edinburgh ?? :disappointed_relieved:


Lemmers ticket booked




Oh god, the price… Plus the delivery, its 40£…46-50 euros… No, sorry…


On Ticketmaster Edinburgh gig print at home, 34,20 £.