Weltschmerz Update!


Lemmers ticket booked also , so I’ll finally see you for a pint Ian :wink::beers:
That’s all my pocket money spent now today, on 4 Fish tickets .


Liverpool and Leamington booked. Also one ticket for the Saturday gig in London.


Might be EDB for.me then.
Much easier and less costy to fly to EDB than to get to Lemmers…
I’ll have a think.


If I were to book tickets for the EDB gig through Ticketmaster, and if I couldn’t make it and wanted to resell them, would it be possible if my name was on the tickets to re sell them?


Don’t see why not Zaz it’s not like you get asked for Identification or anything when entering the premises unless you look under age.


Only thing would be if anything untoward happened regarding the person/s who have your tickets it may come back in your name, that said all you would need to do is show proof that you sold the ticket/search, but the chances of that happening are very minute as 99% of gigs pass off without any problems.


Thanks Rab.

Just looked at plane tickets, if I booked today the cost would be just over 100 euros just for the plane, so overall the trip would cost me flight + gig + food + accommodation 250 euros, just for 24 hours…I have to be wise…


No need to rush into anything, I know it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of such things, but we all have our budgets and have to work to them.


Without me this year, guys and gals. :pensive:
Edinburgh was the option for me, because it’s on a saturday.
I just checked the flights, and the prices are higher than a few days ago. …


Sorry to hear that it hasn’t worked out but I would definitely keep a check on flight prices just in case.


Yes, I have time to cancel the b&b I booked, but flight for me will be ryanair, and seriously increased since a few days… Not sure the prices will go down !


On board for Glasgow.

Live for the Company until I die!


Wot Rab says.

Edinburgh bound also but will travel home. Zaz you are welcome to stay with us in Dundee if you do travel and we would sort out getting you back to Edinburgh for flight. Wouldn’t be a problem as we have to travel back in that direction on the Sunday to collect our oldest from a camp.:smile:


Hotel booked
What a pain in the arse this venue is, not miles away just inconvenient for somewhere to eat.

All we need now is the New Album.


Ticket bought. See you in Lemmers.

I’ll sort my hotel out tomorrow.

It was the only feckin gig that fell on my nights off. Haven’t been lucky with these dates!


Wow thanks Lawrie. It would sure help. I still need to think it over tho! It’s a lovely suggestion from you.


Can anyone remember the name of that Travelodge in the middle of Lemmers? Was it the Regent? - I know I’ve stayed in a Travelodge there before, but I seem to remember there being 2? Don’t want to book the one further away!


Yes Regent Hotel Paul.

Travelodge The Regent Leamington

The Parade, Leamington Spa CV32 4AT
0871 984 6239



Cheers Rab! Much appreciated. I can’t think that far back.


At the moment no idea about. If so, it would be Glasgow, but as I have written, to reach the venue …