What are you listening to (2)?


what a great choice Paul…love this beautiful album !!!



Brilliant album. Brilliant tracks. And I love Oleta Adams contribution to this album, what an amazing voice.


It’s the only album I have of theirs. Really like it. Remember it being huge at the time. Think non-fans went out and bought it too.


For quite some time now I’ve often had a hard time deciding what I’d like to listen to. So much to choose from, so much music that I love. Usually it’s the mood I’m in that has the last word.
But I seem unable to make decisions ha ha ha.
Listening to my ipod on shuffle this morning has actually been brilliant as I heard songs I hadn’t listened to for billion years.

Currently a live version of the Musical Box from Steve Hackett Genesis revisited with the brilliantissimo Nad Sylvan on vocals.


Bjorn Riis - Coming Home


Loving my ipod to deeeeaaaaaaaaathhhh :smiling_imp::metal::shell: :guitar::notes:
The furor - AC/DC



Same here. I’ve got to the point where I’ve just got so much stuff to choose from, I often can’t decide and end up picking something I realise I’m not in the mood for. - The problem with being a completionist and possessing an artist’s/band’s entire back catalogue is that (I at least) always go for the 2 or 3 albums I like best, so I hardly ever play some of the others.

Have to force myself sometimes to select something I’ve not listened to much, and then I realise, that actually, it’s a grower and I should have given it more of a chance. Rediscovered many albums this way, that I’ve owned for years and only given a couple of listens to.


FISH - vigil in a wilderness of mirrors



John Williams - Raiders Of The Lost Ark soundtrack


Just off to bed after a fantastic wedding day so it’s Archive random tracks on my iPod :wink:


The Bride said no - Nad Sylvan


Live in the heart of the city - Whitesnake


Peel Sessions - The Skids
Sunsets On Empire - Fish
Edgeland - Kim Richey


Ipod on shuffle all day.


Arena - The Visitor


The Mystery Of Time - Avantasia


Ghost - Rats (on YouTube) :wink:


Mustasch - Silent Killer


Tom Waits - Nighthawks At The Diner