What are you listening to (2)?


I’m quite liking Resistance Is Futile; I’ve been a bit disappointed by the last few Manics LPs, but this one’s pretty good.


Yes - 90125


Eels - The Deconstruction


Mustasch - Silent Killer


UFO - Phenomenon


UFO - Mechanix


Off to bed, on my headphones - Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets.


Have you seen that Nick Masons Saucerful Of Secrets are touring in September ?

Supposed to be playing lots of early Pink Floyd.


Yes I got a couple of tickets yesterday for Nottingham (birthday pressy).
It will be good to hear the early stuff again live even though it’s sang by Spandau Ballet ! :rofl:


Rival Sons - Head Down

We watched yesterday evening their gig from TV. It was at Download festival in Paris 2016. Brilliant!



Nightwish - Decades


Danny Bowes Show on Planet Rock whilst lying on an old couch in the sunshine in the garden.


Led Zeppelin - IV


Fish - Field Of Crows


same here :wink:



UFO - Making Contact

Last tour next year .


Anathema - Distant Satellites


Supertramp - Breakfast in America


Heart Attack And Vine - Tom Waits
Real Gone - Tom Waits