What are you listening to (2)?


No chance of tickets at a price I’m willing to pay; they’ve all been hoovered up by arseholes who’re now selling them on for way over the odds. The only ones left are for London, anyway and, unless I want to pay over the odds to sit down, the cheapest standing tickets are currently going for £110+ :rage: The sooner this shit gets sorted out, the better. I’m out of the country for the Manchester gig anyway, so probably all for the best. I just hope they end up adding some extra dates and these wankers are stuck with the tickets they only bought to scalp genuine fans with.




I come back from holiday late on the day of the Glasgow show, otherwise I would have been there. All the best mate.


One World - John Martyn
Mule Variations - Tom Waits


Anathema - The Optimist

Happy first birthday …



Long Way Back To The Moon - Galactic Cowboys


IPod on shuffle sat in the back garden in the sun drinking beer :+1:


The Alarm - Declaration



…gonna have to listen to something cheerful soon (or hide the knives).



Archive on random play - superb .





Definitely not my favourite but I like it more as when it has been released



The Jim Carroll Band - A World Without Gravity: The Best Of The Jim Carroll Band


Ghost - Prequelle


A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant


Rainbow - Difficult To Cure


Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Pictures At An Exhibition


Anathema - Weather Systems


Thought it was going to be something cheerful?:wink: