What are you listening to (2)?





The Stranglers - La Folie


Over The Years - Graham Nash
Back Roads And Abandoned Motels - The Jayhawks
Scared To Dance - The Skids


Pendragon - Passion


FISH - bouillabaisse



Fish - Leamington Spa Convention 2012

I’d really love to hear the Acoustic sets from the weekend (if they ever became available to buy or download).


Weren’t they downloadable at some point? Unless I’ve got that mixed up with something else? The acoustic sets really took me by surprise during that Convention. As good as the evening gigs in my opinion. Seem to remember Our Smile being rather good.


I Can’t recall it being downloadable :thinking:
I’d have it in my collection else.


Maybe Rab knows ??


Floored Genius - Julian Cope
Never Forever - Kate Bush


FISH - songs from the mirror



Leamington Spa Convention 2012 - Fish ( Thanks, for the prompt Andy ).


The Guru In The Girl - Jeff Finlin


CRIPPLED BLACK PHŒNIX - no sadness or farewell



Think the Saturday gig was downloadable at one time, as we’re all few others like the Live Derby/Spittalrigg sessions. I maybe wrong but something along those lines.


Iron Maiden - Powerslave


Book Of Souls - Iron Maiden


Howard Shore - Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring orchestral soundtrack