What are you listening to (2)?


Lost On The Road To Eternity - Magnum


Only got one Magnum album. Any other good ones besides On A Storyteller’s Night?


Chase the Dragon and The Eleventh Hour. The two albums that preceded On A Storytellers Night are both great (better than OASN in my opinion, Chase the Dragon is probably my favourite). Wings Of Heaven and Vigilante (both late 80’s) are typical of the era. Then jump ahead to 2014 and Escape from the Shadow Garden, Sacred Blood Divine Lies (2016) and Lost on the Road to Eternity (2017), their last three albums are worth checking out. All very good.


The one I was listening to, Vigilante and my personal favourite Wings Of Heaven.


True Meanings - Paul Weller


Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds


Marillion - Clutching At Straws


Nazareth - Rampant


Raintown - Deacon Blue


Demon - The Plague


Fish - Kettle of Fish




Frank Zappa - Joe’s Garage


Riverside - Love, Fear and the Time Machine


Riverside - Anno Domini High Definition


Mostly Autumn - Glass Shadows


Barnstorm - Joe Walsh
No Guts, No Glory - Molly Hatchett


Eclectica - Doris Brendel


Georgia Satellites - Georgia Satellites


Pocupine Tree - The Incident

Steven Wilson - To The Bone