What are you listening to (2)?


So this is where all my money goes. Porcupine Tree, the number 1 track on the jukebox of my local.


Demon - Night Of The Demon


Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick (1997)


Discovery - ELO




^ I’ve been listening to this a lot over the past few days on Apple Music but today I noticed it has totally disappeared. Only ‘Man with a Stick’ is available. Very strange. Hope it comes back because the shipping cost for the CD is more than the CD itself. Gonna wait for the full album before I spend the money.


The new tracks came across even better live :grin:
I cannot wait for the complete album.


Man With A Stick has yet to grab me like the other new tracks. Looking forward to hearing it a lot more in context with the whole album.


And it’s back … the full EP available again. Weird!


Rainbow - Rising


Fish - Kettle of Fish 88-98

Glad that I got this compilation at last. Nice to listen to while waiting the EP to arrive. :smile:

My wife said today that Fish has a kind voice.



Sunnyside P.A.L ( Acoustic ) - JJ Gilmour
Live In Anaheim - Ian Gillan


Now : Heavy Crown - Last In Line
Morning walk with the dog : For The Love Of Metal - Dee Snider
Watching ManU vs WHU with the sound off and music on : The Devil You Know - Heaven & Hell



Flesh Blood And Bone - Fireroad


The Saw Doctors - Villains?


Tom Waits - Nighthawks At The Diner (remaster)


This Is Me Being Me from that album is a cranked to 11 song.:smile:


Perhaps it was to sort out the track titles for Little Man & Waverley? It seems to have been corrected on Spotify at last.


Thank you. That does appear to be the reason because the titles have been corrected on Apple Music too.