What Did You 'YouTube' Today?


Is that who you was listening to the other day? A bit of Rick? :wink:

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but he’s a local lad to me. Grew up down the road and he used to help his dad out at our nearby Garden Centre.


Ha ha no, it was far worse than this. Actually, Rick Astley doesn’t even fall into that category. I used to like his pop songs when they came out I was 12! I’m not ashamed to say it :slight_smile:









superb…but too bad that it is too close to Anathema’s style…I feel like it’s the band new song







Not a bad thing, this song has been about for ages (I think I posted it up months ago ) :thinking:



My new favourite band.



Love her voice.




I also checked it out on internet after watching the episode, and ended up buying her latest cd. Really like it and now ended up ordering more cds :smile:

See two more videos of her above.

@Lauri if you want to see more of David Bowie you need to see Fire Walk with Me, the movie about the final days of Laura Palmer! It’s brilliant :wink: