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Feckin fantastic this. Great energy.


Friggin brilliant.



It`s a long time since I bigged up Marillion, but that was awesome.


Since the release of FEAR they have really upped their game performance wise (not that they’ve ever been poor) musically and visually.

The RAH gig was exceptional and i feel lucky to have been there. I’ve seen the band loads of times both with Fish and Hogarth but the RAH gig was something very special and stands out as one of the best.


I second this. But I’m sure I haven’t seen Marillion with Fish or H so often as you :wink: !


Haven`t seen Marillion since a gig at Shepherds Bush in 1995, Afraid of Sunlight. For a while they missed Scotland when touring and then I felt the material started to fall below par with the likes of Radiation and Anoraknophobia and so I paid them less attention. Then Happiness Is The Road, Somewhere Else and Marbles came along and now FEAR. Fair play to them all decent stuff.


I agree with all of that. I was still buying the albums but the period of This Strange Engine, Anoraknophobia. marillion.com and Radiation didn’t do a lot for me and i stopped going to their gigs.

Started gigs again on Somewhere Else tour, and since then have been to a date on most tours, and 3 weekends in Holland.