What Did You 'YouTube' Today?


Really looking forward to this in August


The setlist for this show is just brilliant. From what I saw posted yesterday online the stage set is equally amazing.


Only thing I would change is lose Fear of the Dark and replace with Rime or Phantom of the opera apart from that it’s going to be fantastic :grin: it’s going to be a long wait till next year till the States get it, it’s too long till August for me!


I love FOTD. I know it is overplayed but I just enjoy it every time. Rime is my favourite Maiden song (especially live), would be awesome if they add that for next year (wishful thinking).

Anyway back on thread topic …


thanks the this real hero
this young man (22 yo) will be naturalized by French authorities (he was an illegal foreigner in our country) and it is totally deserved !!!



Yes, it was all over the UK news too! Amazing!


and all over the world



Think this is the first time I’ve seen him do ‘Duncan’ live. Brilliant. Love that song.


But why didn’t the guy up there pull the kid up? I don’t understand!


he said that he was holding the boy by the arm but was afraid that the clothes would tear…and he didn’t want to scare the boy…so he talked to him gently and just grabbed his arm

Some journalists reported that the little boy felt from the fifth floor actually…it’s a miracle



Phil and Dumbledore jammin’



Well, as far as I’m concerned, this is the greatest piece of cinema ever.








Watched Grant Nicholas of Feeder on Needletime on the Vintage TV Channel. Not especially a fan of Feeder ( some decent tracks though ). Anyway, he discussed solo material he had released and this clip was played. As we all know sometimes songs just grab you. For me this is one of those. Beautiful song.