What Did You 'YouTube' Today?




Jesus Christ! God save us all.


not convinced at all :roll_eyes:



it’s getting worst !!!



I agree. They seem to have lost their way and ambition. I am not at all tempted to purchase their new album.


Maybe they’ve just lost their muse?









Farewell Mister Aznavour :cry:



Can’t stop watching all these early films of street scenes. Fascinate me. Everyone’s looking at the camera but these days no one would give it a second glance.




This reminds of Respect by Erasure. In fact Muse should get their cheque book out before Andy Bell and Vince Clarke come calling.



What the hell. Reposting this for the memories.


Yes. Apparently, Matt Bellamy seems to think that the attitude “the guitar is no longer a lead instrument” makes him somehow cutting edge, as opposed to making them sound like some poor 80s synth-pop throwback.
A shame; I really like many Muse albums (particularly The Resistance), but it’s like they’re regressing, not progressing. I almost didn’t buy The 2nd Law because I only liked about 50% of it, but I’ll definitely be steering clear of this one.